Sunday, November 23, 2014

*REVIEW* A Life of Faith Dolls

After a feature on A Life of Faith dolls, there were several questions about these retired dolls. The Christian Homeschooler has a beautiful collection and was nice to share their collection with us.

"Here are all the ALOF dolls that we own: Elsie, Violet, and Millie.  They are dressed in the outfits that they came in.  Elsie and Millie have their older meet outfits, and Violet has her newer one."

"All the dolls can put their hands together in prayer, which is a nice touch, plus, since they can move their arms so far in, they can hold lots of things."

"The dolls can move their heads from side to side (actually all the way around) and up and down (a little bit)." 

"Here are Violet Travilla's books.  Some of them are hardcover, while others are paper back, which is why they look different.  Her books are not written by Martha Finley, they are just based on the characters in the Elsie books."

"Here are all of Elsie Dinsmore's books.  They are mainly just like the real Elsie Dinsmore books, but some of the language is different, I think."

"Here are Millie Keith's 8 books."

"Here is the back of Millie, showing her blonde hair.  It is very long and pretty."

"Here are Elsie's beautiful brown curls, along with the pretty green bow.  They are not like new, but I think they are still pretty."


  1. Thanks for sharing, Christian Homeschooler! Your dolls are so pretty! I really love this brand, I's so sad that they stopped selling them ;( 'm so glad I got my Millie doll before the line was discontinued!

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

  2. These dolls are beautiful! I love the praying hands and it's nice that they can hold items! Such sweet faces they have! Wish I had known about them when they were still available at normal prices.

  3. Beautiful dolls, truly, and I love your photo of them with hands raised in praise.

  4. Yes, thank you for sharing! Violet was always my favorite doll in terms of coloring. I was a young broke mom when these came out though so no LoF for me. Glad to see yours!

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments! And thanks, Rhonda for letting me share my photos. :)