Thursday, November 20, 2014

*Review* Justice "Just Like Me" Track Suit

I made a trip to the Justice store.

I'm glad I ordered the hot pink track suit online because they had none in store. The display was small.

It actually shipped quickly!

Six piece set: Hoodie, t-shirt, sweatpants, hair bow, duffle bag and high tops.

I LOVE this outfit! Velcro closures on back. Mix and match with other clothes is a bonus.

The jacket has a real zipper, fits perfectly and is made very well. 
The duffle bag is roomy too.

This outfit is very good quality, but I wouldn't pay full price for it. Check online for sales especially during holiday season. You maybe could buy two for the price of one with 50% sale.

Paige also got a pair of white converse style sneakers (Hobby Lobby) to wear because I forgot this set had the high tops.


  1. Rhonda - very cute! And Paige looks awesome in it! Did you get her curls out with the boiled water method? I am hoping you didn't have to cut them off - her hair looks really great; thick and full! Thank you again for posting the coupn codes for American Girl - I used one yesterday ^_^.
    Take care, Sho

    1. I used a ceramic hair straightener on soaking wet hair. I'll do a post on Paige's hair soon. Yay! I'm happy you were able to use a coupon code. Savings :-)

  2. Woah, your justice store is so different from mine! ( idk why that surprises me) I think the clothes are ok but I don't really want any of the outfits. I still love the outfit on Paige, she looks SOOO cute!!

  3. Cute! Also I have nominated you for 2 awards!
    Ella louise xoxox