Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Dresses For Ruthie

Sweet little Ruthie got three dresses added to her small wardrobe. She had two day dresses, a holiday dress, PJs and overalls. Lucky me, I found two vintage pinafore dresses at the antique mall.

This soft green seersucker pinafore has white trim.

This cotton pinafore is pale pink with tiny raspberry polka dots and green flower details. I love the the rick rack on the sleeves.

This dress I made from a fabric quarter, it Velcros in back. I think Ruthie looks good in just about any thing she wears!


  1. Rhonda,
    Here are two really good resources for 18" doll clothing.
    I have a dress from DolliesDressmaker, and it is absolutely stunning. It is just as good quality as AG, if not better. Maybe you could do a blog post on these resources so more people could here about them?
    H.M. from England

    1. I meant to say historical 18" doll clothing. Sorry
      H.M. from England

  2. Yay! The best friends needed lots more clothes. My sweet Emily only has 4 outfits to really call her own.