Thursday, November 13, 2014

Molly Camp Gowonagin

Molly's Camp Outfit

Every morning at Camp Gowonagin’s flag-raising ceremony, Molly has to pass inspection in this uniform:

  • A crisp white shirt with a blue camp tie
  • Red shorts
  • A hat sporting the camp’s logo
  Unfortunately I don't have her camp hat or shoes. 
I would love to get her tent!!

Molly’s Camp Tent

 This canvas-walled tent helps girls imagine what it was like to spend two weeks with Molly at Camp Gowonagin.

Molly’s Camping Equipment

Molly brings all of the required equipment for her stay at Camp Gowonagin:

  • A working flashlight and a compass for nature hikes
  • A green shoulder bag with a mess kit, including a tin plate, cup, and pot that nest together in a frying pan
  • A sit-upon kit to keep Molly’s bottom dry on evenings around the campfire; it includes a vinyl pouch, red plastic thread, and a newspaper to tuck inside—a copy of the Chicago Tribune’s historic D-Day edition of June 6, 1944
  Molly’s Sleeping Bag
When Molly goes to camp, she brings Dad’s old sleeping bag, which has a full zipper and plaid flannel lining to keep her cozy on cool nights. It comes with an olive-green duffel bag, featuring a drawstring and hand strap, that Molly can use to pack up the sleeping bag when it’s time to return home.


  1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    I remember how intrigued I was by this set when I first received the Pleasant Company catalogs in the 90s, (and didn't keep any of them, darn it!). I do have Molly's books and love this story. I learned to play Capture the Flag differently, though, like a school yard game. The steps to the tent have sound, and I would really like the hear the Camp Gowanagin song and other sounds it makes. Anyone have this?

    1. Gardenmomof2 on youtube just posted an opening of Molly's camp tent they got. They play all the music sound effects on that video. Link is here:

    2. *From Julie's doll mom:*

      Hey, thanks so much!

  2. I have Molly's saddle shoes and wish I had her tent and camping equipment. If I had a time machine I think I'd go back and get more of the sets I really like before they retired or got super expensive.

  3. I don't have any camp items except her saddle shoes. I LOVE her saddle shoes!!! They are the most used pair of shoes. Everyone's worn them and they work great as tennis shoes!