Wednesday, October 1, 2014

*In Store Report* OG Dolls, Clothes + Accessories

WOW-ZERS! We have been spotlighting OG a lot lately because they've gotten some pretty fabulous items in recently.

Here's ANOTHER post to spread the word. I'm not in your city or town so I don't know what's available there where you shop, but as I come across new items I like to pass them on so readers can keep an eye out for whatever they like then add to their collection.

My guess is Alejandra hasn't sold well. She has been on sale since summer and there are typically six boxes in stock. I don't understand why she isn't selling. 

I searched OG for an older stock photo of her and she is cute! With all the request for ethnic dolls I'm surprised she has the most stock in both of my stores.


  1. Your Kayla is a pretty doll! OG has come up with a lot of super cute stuff, haven't they? AG better watch out ;-)

  2. Omg! Eva?! I have t seen her in like 5 years! I have her and got her for my 8th birthday! If you come across her again I totally recommend her!

  3. Linda, aka lab-den on YouTubeOctober 6, 2014 at 1:10 PM

    My daughter and I have Eva. She is a lovely doll. I'm sorry I missed the sale. Looks like your Target had a lot of fun things.

    1. I know I have seen her in your videos. She is a very cute doll with freckles.