Monday, October 20, 2014

*In Store Report* Project Runway at AGP Chicago

 Michelle shares about her trip to AGPC.

 "My girlfriend and I went to the Chicago store to see the Project Runway exhibit and it is well worth going to see.  They had 6 of the 7 outfits.  It was fun to see the workmanship, detail not shown on the show and it was surprising to see the poor execution of some of the outfits."

"Kini's was the most fun to see and it fits the Holiday dress of Samantha and it is too bad they are not creating those outfits.  

We noticed that the new Samantha's hair is much darker than the original.  The quality has improved on a lot of the accessories, but some of the dresses could not hold up to normal wear and tear as the fabric was thin or flimsy.  It seemed that Caroline and Isabelle's clothes were the worst.  Other outfits the quality of the fabrics and trims were up to the old standards before Mattel. (Samantha's Holiday dress and Addy's school dress)."

 "It is leaving Chicago tonight check the web site for the next location but it was really fun to see up close."   

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