Wednesday, October 15, 2014

*Opening* My Life As.... Horse for Saige

After the debacle with the Paradise horse, I went straight to Wal-Mart to get the Spotted horse for Saige. 

He is really cute, though I made a few changes. Picasso's mane is more manicured, his bangs and tail are both shorter than this horse. I gave him a trim and think it improved the over all look.

His ears have wire so they are poseable.

Picasso has a black bridle and saddle, I may spray paint these black.

His hard plastic body has a spotted skin made of fabric.

Poseable hooves. I may paint these light grey like Picasso's.

Our version!

Overall I'm pleased with this horse. After the minor changes to his accessories and hooves, I think he will look very much like Picasso.


  1. Does My Life As sell a red/ginger coat horse? (There's probably a better name for the color but I know NOTHING about horses...I just want a Penny for Felicity to ride. A friend of mine has an AG Palomino horse, and she has outgrown "playing with" AG dolls. I might be able to have that one somehow, but there are two problems. One, the horse is not the color of a bright copper penny. Two, the hooves do not move and MLA horses, though cheaper, do have moveable hooves. Is there a My Life As website?

  2. Rosie, you can go to and go to toys and search My Life As to find out if they have the colored horse that you want.