Saturday, October 11, 2014

*On Location* Josefina Volunteers

 Josefina arrives at church early to begin her tasks.


 She admires all of the beautiful flowers that remind her of her mama.


She climbs the long flight of stairs.

Josefina is working in the nursery today. She makes sure all of the babies are fed, changed and napping.

She makes sure to answer the nursery phone quickly so it doesn't wake the babies. 

Washing and preparing bottles is hard work! 

The church staff appreciate all of Josefina's hard work and reward her with fresh lemonade.

Josefina takes time to pray before church is over.


 She has worked up an appetite and sets off to her favorite restaurant.


Enjoying a good meal after a morning of hard work!

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  1. Well done Josefina! I have nursery duty tomorrow as well.