Thursday, October 9, 2014

INTRODUCING Travel Doll Program!

I found Willow from Our Generation's line up while thrifty shopping.

Her hair was a matted mess (obviously hacked off), but I couldn't just LEAVE HER THERE! I washed her limbs, washed and conditioned her hair, it took a lot of combing through followed by a hot water treatment.

I had to cut her hair and shape it into an angled bob to get rid of the frizzy ends.


Here are my PLANS for Willow!
I am designating her to be a TRAVELING DOLL! 
If you are interested in hosting Willow - email:

Hosting Willow would include:
  • 5 days - that includes first day arrival - 3 days of fun - last day depart. 
  • Paying for priority return shipping (average $14).
  • Emailing photos of her stay for her online travel diary (this blog) to share all of her fun travels with readers.
  • Must be 18+
  • USA only
  • Willow arrives in her travel outfit. If you want to let her borrow clothes during her stay that's fine, but she must return home in her travel outfit. 
  Please email requests/sign-ups only. No bookings in comment section will be considered.


  1. Your transformation of willow is fantastic. How did you wash her body, and what is the hot water method for her hair. I rescued a battat doll with green eyes and long wavy blonde hair, which wasn't bad, but I let a child play with it just once and the hair is a hot mess. The hair is so fine. Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks

  2. Thanks. With every doll I typically clean their vinyl with a Magic Eraser. Her cloth body was CLEAN, but if you need to clean your doll's, you can remove the stuffing and clean it in warm sudsy water in the sink, air dry then re-stuff the body.

    Here is the link for the hot water treatment :

  3. Willow came out great! You did an awesome job with her hair.

  4. Could I have it shipped to my mom and everything but I do the diary with my dolls?

  5. Can you give us an update on the Willow saga, Rhonda? I'm still upset about it, and am hoping there has been some resolution or explanation. Thanks, Karen

    1. Thanks Karen,
      No news to update. Willow has not been returned to LADL and still no response from the host family in Alaska.
      A lot of readers/ fans of Willow still say they miss her too.

  6. I want willow. Please rescue a new traveling doll and have her sent to me. I have been whining about it to my husband all night .

  7. I rescued a Willow doll from a thrift shop too! I live in NJ. I was able to salvage all of her long hair, but I did give her a subtle face up by redoing her eyebrows, lip and I shaded her eyeballs on top so she looks a little more relaxed. (i'm a doll artist). I would love to post pics and send her traveling. -Sara