Sunday, September 7, 2014

*Reader Photos* Journey Girl Pink Bicycle

Linda went to Toys R Us and bought a Journey Girl's bike $29.99. 

It's a different color than the one I bought last year for $19.99. It has a removable cloth seat cover.  The one I bought last year, the helmet didn't fit, but this one fits the AG dolls.  The one I bought last year for $19.99 was now $26.99.  Prices are sure going up.

I would have liked to buy the metal OG bike, but I got these two Journey Girl’s bikes for the price of one OG.  American Girl bikes are way out of line price wise!


  1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    Speaking as a person who has 3 doll bikes, (Julie's AG bike, the OG bike and the first version Journey Girl bike), I like the JG bike, though I wish it had the sturdiness of the OG bike. I was really surprised at the lightness of Julie's AG bike, and disappointed that AG dolls tip over on it. Even the JG bike didn't do that, and it's plastic! I'm not wild about the pink w/ flowers on the new JG bike. I was actually considering getting another JG bike and spray painting it for the boys, but 3 bikes is quite enough!

  2. Is the blue Journey Girls bike no longer available? If so, that makes me kind of sad because I wanted it :( moreso than the new hot pink one covered in those strange flowers. (No offense to anyone if you happen to like it, it's just not my taste.) The blue bike looks EXACTLY like the kind of girl bikes that were popular in the 90s, right down to the iridescent streamers. I want it for the 90s AG character I've been developing lately. I admit though that with all of the hullabaloo surrounding BeForever I've neglected purchasing from most other doll lines from quite a few weeks now.

    (By the way, this is Alisha C. I think my other account that I was using is gone since I no longer use the email associated with it.)

  3. Thank you for the pictures and comparison. I really do not visit Toys R Us so I have yet to meet the Journey Girl line beyond online reviews and stories. I do think they are pretty.

    Thank you to Julie's mom for the additional information too. Having the AG bike tip over is not a plus. Sorry to hear the R&D team missed the ball on that one.

  4. I was at Toys R Us this week and they still had a few blue bikes.