Sunday, September 21, 2014

*Reader Photos* AG School

Vanessa and her daughter have a house shaped bookcase that houses their school.

"I found these doll sized goodies in the kid's section at Michael's. We plan on using the clipboards in the doll classroom and the frames in our future doll house. These items were $1.50 each." 

Our school is a work in progress. We're currently using my daughter's doll book shelf. Some of the items we used:

OG shoe boxes - book shelf
AG school book set
Chalk board (Michael's)
Home made posters
Hall pass: key deco found at Michael's
OG: book satchel & laptop
AG: Kit's lunch box
Class pet: Parrot

Show and Tell

 Kit and Jo - Hall Pass Key

Josie roaming the halls.

Ready for the spelling test!

Classroom pet!

Jo and her laptop.