Thursday, September 11, 2014

*Opening* BEFOREVER Samantha Meet Outfit + Frilly Frock

My feelings on both of these outfits are mixed....

I think the meet dress is very pretty, but I dislike seeing my Samantha in it. It comes with bloomers (undies), tights and patent leather Mary Jane flats with Velcro closure.

I prefer Nellie in this dress.

The dress is cotton with an ivory net overlay. The body of the overlay is polka dot and trimmed in scalloped lace. I really like the elastic cap sleeves and the neckline is very flattering. 

The sash is sewn onto the sides, so you are able to tie it as tightly as you like in the back.

At least the shoes are an upgrade.

The Frilly Frock is surprisingly much better (to me) than the meet outfit. Included: the dress, matching lilac organza hair tie, tights and those pearl finish lilac high top snap boots!

I love the low waist silhouette, ice pink satin coupled with white scalloped lace dressmaker details. The lilac organza ribbon compliments the dress with a subtle hint of contrast.

We each have our own individual tastes and I simply prefer this dress better. The center panel of lace tends to lay crooked and I suggest finessing it to ensure that it's centered. I dislike the puckering on the side, but this could be because the fabric hasn't stretched or adapted to the doll yet - fresh from packaging.

The boots! What to say? They have Velcro closures in back and are easy to get on the foot.

The flash tends to make them look darker and shinier, in reality they are lilac to match the organza ribbon and have a pearl finish not metallic.

I recommend this outfit! It's pretty, the silhouette is historically accurate and if you are having trouble accepting the boots, you can pair this dress with another set of shoes.


  1. I agree that the meet dress looks better on Nellie. Do you have any problems with the net overlay snagging on the Velcro? I am still not digging the frilly dress, but I know my daughter would adore it, so I think it appeals to the target demographic. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Velcro is DANGEROUS! I take every precaution, but will say it snagged her BRAND NEW meet tights! Grrrrrrr! It takes five hands to dress a doll with delicate dainty lace and satin fabrics - one hand to hold the hair, one hand to hold the lace, another to hold the satin and another the tights and the last to close the velcro.

  2. I purchased Julie's meet outfit. My daughter noticed that the sandals 'squeak'. They appear to be just two pieces of craft foam glued together and at some point the glue may not hold the pieces together. Disappointed in the sandals, but the glasses are so cute.

  3. Oooh, exciting! I'm budgeted to get Sam in October … can hardly wait. And might I add, I sure hope they bring Nellie back someday.

  4. Did anyone else notice that the lace is the same on both dresses?

  5. Great review! Personally, I love them both and don't have a favorite between the two of them. I wasn't crazy about the Frilly Frock at first even though I wanted to love it, and luckily, the many, many real life pictures of it have made its true beauty come through. Can't wait till I can purchase either outfit.