Friday, September 12, 2014

*Opening* BEFOREVER Addy's Meet Outfit

Straight away - I LOVE this outfit for Addy! The cobalt blue is gorgeous on her.

  Included : blue paisley print dress, white eyelet trimmed pantelettes, white knee socks and black boots.

The black grosgrain ribbon is a prefect compliment to the dress and I love the larger bows on each shoulder. These special dress maker details can add charm to an outfit.

 The boots are durable canvas with a kitten heel. 

I don't know how to french braid, this is a poor attempt at Addy's new meet hairstyle...I'll have to practice more.


  1. I love Addy's new meet dress. It is so pretty.

  2. Glad you posted this! I also tried to recreate the new BF hairstyle on my pre-BF Addy (actually, I just got her last month), and I couldn't do it without leaving a big gap between the two braids where you can totally see her scalp. I called AG Customer Service and the rep seemed to think that the BF Addy might have hair attached to compensate with such a gap. Did you have this problem when you did this hairstyle? How did you make it so her hair covered the middle? Thanks for your blog!

    1. I can do a tutorial. I don't know how to French braid so I just did a classic braid. Stay close for step by step photo instructions in a future post. Thank you.