Friday, September 12, 2014

*In Store Report* NEW OG Items Part Two - ON SALE

While at Target I bought this outfit for Ivy.

It's not online yet and was on sale!


*sigh* Claire - ah yes, OGs version of Julie.

Sooooo tempted, but I didn't get her. She is a BEAUTY and makes a great alternative to AG Julie. She would even make a great cousin for Julie. LOVE Claire's outfit. I wish they sold it separately. $21.00 on sale this weekend.

*sigh* Another beauty is Kaylee. Again I was VERY tempted, but didn't get her. (I may go back not sure yet.) Her hair is SUPER SOFT! I hate her outfit though....on sale $21.00.


When I got home Chrissy from Mommy's Doll Club sent an email and told me that there are "three girls NOT listed on the OG site yet - two are labeled as retro, the other looks like a holiday doll."

"Several of the new dolls are listed without names or adequate descriptions too, but these three don't appear on the OG site either."

"I just bought the new OG Olivia for myself.  Her dirty blond hair and ambery hazel brown eyes are a delightful combo. I also picked up two new outfits I haven't seen listed anywhere yet either and it was all on sale this week."

 Platinum Retro Doll

Vanessa emailed and found Retro Ruby....

and Retro Rose on price cut sale $21.00 each!!


Go to your local Target a lot of the toy aisle is on sale! OG outfits as low as $11.00. Dolls reg $24.99 now $21.00 this weekend!

Hmmm...whose buying Claire? Or Kaylee?? Or Retro Ruby?? Or Retro Rose????


  1. I found the red checked retro outfit and the purple skirt retro outfit at my Target for $5.00 each. None of the other local Targets had that price (which was cheaper than even the accessory sets!). Of course I got them--should have bought multiples! That said, after seeing the quality of the clothing (no serging on seams for example) it was a great price for some nice cardigans and a pair of red shoes and glasses. The knit items are much nicer than the woven items but the purple skirt is pretty nice--thick, quality material.

    For those who have never bought OG stuff, AG stuff is definitely much higher quality, but if you can get OG on sale, they are good to fill out a collection. And now I am ready for the 1950s historical that I HOPE is coming out in the next few months to have some extra clothes.