Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kirsten's School Dress

Kirsten’s School Dress with Shawl

To stay warm on her long walk to school, Kirsten wears this outfit:
  • A red print school dress
  • Dark blue woven hair ribbons
  • A plaid shawl to wrap around her shoulders, since girls didn’t wear jackets in the 1850s

This is not Kirsten's school dress. This is an etsy dress I put her in for a feature next to this old school house.

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  1. I love Kirsten! Wish I had more of her collection! I am disappointed because I thought I had Samantha's school desk, but seeing this catalog, I realize that I must have a copy. The only difference is that Samantha's has four screws on the seat back and on the desk. Mine have only two. Well, I only paid $5.00 at a garage sale for it. Other than the screws, mine is exactly the same as Samantha's.