Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Samantha & Nellie Spring Dresses

Today we will look at two dresses - both for Nellie and Samantha.

For special occasions, Nellie looks her best in this outfit:
A party dress accented with lace on the collar and skirt. White tights and white shoes with pink ribbon rosettes. A hairbow barrette with rhinestone heart detail and a painted heart necklace.

For Valentine’s Day and other special spring parties, Samantha chooses this outfit: A pretty dress sprinkled with rosebuds and trimmed with pink piping; it’s also accented by a crossover collar and belt. A matching hair bow. Three paper valentines to share with the special people in her life.

I have a reproduction of Nellie's dress. 

This is Pleasant Company.


  1. After Addy I am going to look for a sweet Nellie to come home with me.

  2. Oooooo! Look at Nellie in that pink dress! What a darling.

  3. Who do you get to make the reproductions of your doll clothes?

    1. I find them on ebay. They're very nice versions, well made and typically $12- $30. Molly's custom Dude Ranch outfit I got from etsy. My AG mini custom clothes are from Auntie Robin on etsy. If you look under shopping resources on the right side bar you can find the links.