Saturday, August 9, 2014

*In Store Report* AGP St. Louis

American Girl Store St. Louis Photos Part 1 - Historicals and Isabelle.

 There were tons of Marie-Grace dolls left at the store, but I was super excited when they still had lacy parasols left, so I added that to my collection. 

Marie-Grace's vanity, crinoline and chemise, and Cecile's pajamas was all that was left at the store.  On my last trip they had run out of mini NOLA dolls, the parasol, Argos, and Marie-Grace's accessories.  So hurry if you still need Marie-Grace!!!

 Thanks Maria for sending in these great photos!!


  1. Awesome! I went to the kansas city store on Friday, and they have a few items to.

    The kansas city store still has
    The Fancy boots (lots of them)
    Julie's cap and scarf
    Ruthie's holiday dress
    Ruthie's accessories

    but no other MG&Cecile items or Ruthie/Cecile dolls.

    1. Julie's cap and scarf? I might call and order!

  2. Nice pictures. Thank you for the update.

  3. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    Why is Julie wearing a store shirt, gym shorts and her swim outfit shoes? I wonder if her display clothes got dirty, (from a sticky fingered kid who likes to touch displays)?

    1. That is Maria's doll, not the display doll!

  4. Sorry for the confusion Julie Ann! That Julie is my own doll I brought to take a picture with her best friend before she's gone! There were only five left. :(