Thursday, August 28, 2014

*POST* BEFOREVER Launch (Updates)

What a terrific LAUNCH!

Again, thank you to my wonderful readers for submitting incredible photos.

Let me say that we are not done with BEFOREVER news! As with any AG line (MyAG, GOTY, BF, BB) there will always be new items to look forward to. However, we're still in the middle of transition as the launch gives way to an even further overhaul and re-stocking the stores, readying for newer BF merchandise. That being said, it is still being reported from sources hearing whispers from PS that current pre-Beforever items will be online until sell out.

Marie Grace is still available through a back door link , but it's hard to say how long the link will be available.

I have updated the endangered list based on visuals of AGP displays. Missing from AGP display cases: Julie's Swimwear, Addy's Winter Accessories, Rebecca's Settee, Josefina's School Outfit, Caroline's Table and Chairs, Caroline's Birthday Treats, Addy's Blue Dress, Addy's Plaid Summer Set to name a few...

I saw on social media, reported whispers that our "PINK GIRL" Samantha will be getting even more items just prior to the holidays. It seems everyone (me included) can now finally exhale after the build up to the Launch. Still, keep in mind items can, and will be pulled un-announced and sent to MCM bins for a tax write off, or so I heard.

If you *note on the current website, each doll's clothing section will have the bottom rung items that will be going listed last.....
Kit currently has two reporter dresses.

 Also Addy still shows that her blue dress is available online yet it is missing from the AGP display, while a new blue school outfit is displayed.

If there are items you want from the HC prior to the Launch, I suggest buying it now. The BEFOREVER items will be there long after these are gone. 


  1. Did you notice that Addy now has the thing that goes under the dresses in her collection and Samantha has the lacy parsol? These are both items from the NOLA collection.

    1. Yeah, I wonder why they didn't just give Addy the crinoline in the first place.

  2. Really nice job of covering the debut of the launch! And yes -- thanks to all the readers who sent such exciting photos, so that we can all participate in the fun, even if we can't get to AGP.

    Overall I'm pleased with Beforever so far, with the glaring exception of Sam's frilly dress and those shimmery shoe/boots.

    Speaking of shoes, though … so many of the new outfits hare ADORABLE SHOES!!! I'm kind of an AG shoe nut.

    Well done AG, well done Rhonda (as usual)!


  3. OT question: Any rumors/info if is Isabelle going to have new items till the end of her year?

    1. Whose Isabelle? LOL...Beforever has been soooo busy. I haven't heard a thing *crickets* but will post as soon as I do.

    2. Funny you say that! When I was in the store yesterday, there were no people at all in Isabelle's section! In fact, it was kind of dark, like they forgot to turn on the lights. Guess Isabelle lost her spotlight and it moved over to BeForever! LOL!

  4. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures from readers, etc.

    The info about the last rung items is interesting. When I looked at the AG site and 'viewed all' for each collection I made note of the items that are listed AFTER the books--to your point--as being the first to most likely hit the road!

  5. I think there is a back door for Caroline's Party Set? You don't see it while looking through "view all" only if you go to table or something related...

  6. I've been glued to your blog all day! I'm sad at the lack of change in Kaya and Josephina's (My favorite historical characters) collections as well the amount of pink in Samantha's collection.
    I hope they get some new things soon. I'm overall a bit disappointed with the line(lack of change mostly) but I think it was still a fun launch day. I wish I could get to an AG store so I can see it all myself.

  7. I have been putting in and taking out Rebecca's Winter Coat, Robe & Slippers, and School Lunch in my on-line cart for the past few days. I really don't have the money to buy them now, but I am worried they will go away soon. I am thankful though that I listened to the warnings over the past few months and got her School Dress, Hanukkah Dress, and Lace Dress or else I would have been much too far behind! I think I may get the coat for now. I love the Robe & Slippers, but I am not a big fan of displaying my dolls in their sleepwear and I think I'd get more display use out of the Winter Coat. Oh decisions!!!! ~ Maria