Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adding Onto My Doll Room

My Doll Room is E X P A N D I N G  
^ Upward^
 Adding another level!!

Sissy and Sam are getting their own rooms YAY! 
I know they're happy. 

That means moving the south wall up one level:
Samantha & Nellie
Sissy & Sam

Sissy loves pink and purple, dolls, coloring and sweets.
Sam loves blue and green, dinosaurs, skateboards and eating.

Their bedrooms will reflect their likes, but space is limited! In fact there's barely room for a bed and desk - or - nightstand. So the walls will have a lot of decoration to add personality.

Stay close for updates.


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures! Congratulations Sissy and Sam.

  2. I'm glad you're adding more rooms - I love looking at your doll's rooms!

    Ps. I'd like to pin your newest photos of Samantha and Nellie's rooms (from your May 19th post) to one of my pinterest boards, but you only have the older photos (from your April 19th post) on your pinterest board. I'm sure you're busy, but could you please add the new ones? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Stephanie. The photos should be in the Living A Doll's Life board.