Sunday, June 8, 2014

*REVIEW* Samantha's Tea Set

Fawn shoes us her beautiful new tea set.

"I found Samantha's Tea Set by Hallmark at Goodwill."

"Since I don't own Samantha I was a little reluctant to purchase it, but it was so adorable I couldn't resist." 

"It is in perfect condition and includes the little booklet, "Planning a Tea Party". "

"Someday my granddaughter and I will have a tea party of our own, complete with invitations, jelly biscuits and lemon tea."


  1. WOW!!!!!! What a find! It's so beautiful!!!!!

  2. it sure was a nice collection i wish they would bring it back again

  3. I saw photos of this tea set in the Beforever video…or somewhere. I hope it comes back.

  4. This set is beautiful. I love how there is a full size and a doll size.