Tuesday, June 24, 2014

*On Location* Felicity Goes Shopping

Little Felicity needed to go into town to make a purchase.

It was a beautiful sunny day.

The commissary has many items to buy - sacks of flour and sugar, buckets and pails, nails, chairs...

....lard, jars and baskets. 

After a look around Felicity finds what she came for!


Happy with her purchase, she takes the stroll back home...

Then sees a Jack Rabbit!

Typical Felicity leaves the path for adventure to scale a wall!

Here's a guessing game! What do YOU think Felicity bought at the commissary??

Find out the rest of this story and see what she bought in Part Two.


  1. She's so darling! I am going to get my own Felicity someday, whether they bring her out of the archives or I have to get her on the secondary market. And the original dress is definitely preferable to the later one, isn't it?

    1. I don't have her Traveling Gown (only the mini size), but I love the the Rose Garden dress so much because it's easily recognizable.

  2. The "store" is really cute! Did you collect all those items yourself and set it up?

    1. Oh I really wish I were THAT good LOL! No this is an old commissary as we are On Location. Thanks for the compliment though.

  3. I have Felicity she is one of my favorite dolls she is so cute. I also love her hair and all of her outfits.