Tuesday, May 6, 2014

*Review* OG vs My Life Camp Tents

Linda gives us a review with photos comparing the My Life As.... Camping tent set to the Our Generation Set. 

"These are of course my own opinions and not meant to endorse one product over the other."        

 The My Life is larger, easier to put together and is roomier inside. The cooler opens with room to store food (not included) the chair, the lantern, and fire pit are fun items.

 The lantern only worked one day (battery), but still is nice as a prop. The tent material is not very sturdy, but is still very play worthy.

 The Our Generation tent is made of very sturdy material.  I like that the front flaps open and tie back.


 The lantern, rubber stick with hot dog, cup, plate and the sleeping bag are fun.  With a tight squeeze, both tents can hold three sleeping dolls. 

You can stand one doll up in the middle of the My Life tent, but her head touches the top and you can't see her face.  A doll cannot stand up in the Our Generation tent. 

If your readers buy the Our Generation tent, I would not following the instructions that say to connect the two poles and insert into sleeves.  Instead, stick one pole into the middle sleeve then insert into the other sleeve then into the connector. It makes it much easier to put together.  

Thanks Linda! This was a great review.

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