Monday, May 19, 2014

*Reader Photos* Kit Kittredge

Madelon shares adorable photos of Kit in honor of her birthday!!

 "I purchased this blouse and pants for Kit many years ago from an EBay seller who made her own clothes. The hat is from Ruthie's Play Outfit."

The blouse reminds me of the print used in feed bag clothing of the 1930s. Feed bag fabric was a common source of fabric for clothes back then.


The coordinating jacket is reversible.


"Knowing Kit's personality, I think she would have preferred pants more than frilly dresses."

"I was happy to see Kit's limited edition set in the case at AGP DC. The new catalogue comes out this week and new products were said to be in stores later this week also."

"She looks sweet even though she doesn't like pink."


Thank you Madelon! 

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