Thursday, May 15, 2014

*NEWS* Samantha Holiday Dress & Tea Set? Beforever

These screen shots were taken from the new AG video the Beginning of Forever.

Possible new holiday dress and tea set for Samantha within BE FOREVER collection!

Valerie talks about how she got started with AG and her initial meeting with Pleasant.

Well...what do you think???
If the Old Country Rose tea set is available within Samantha's collection along with the revised holiday dress (from solid cranberry to plaid) - I want it as part of my Samantha's collection!


  1. I still need to see more to make up or change my mind.

  2. Tea set looks cute and like the red plaid. I agree with Tonya re Kit's dress...colors do not look like the time period.

  3. I feel a bit better about Samantha's return after seeing that video and her possible Christmas outfit. I am happy to see the dropped waist and hair bow returning as they are so iconic. As for Kit's outfit well, I just like to pretend it does not exist.

  4. Huh,BEFOREVER is really disappointing me. I thought a new revamp would've been great. But after seeing Kit's new meet outfit,it doesn't look very 1930's to me. Julie's meet outfit is cute-but not loving the vest. Addy's meet outfit is ADORABLE. Super sad they are retiring Ruthie and Ivy. Marie-Grace and Cecile too. Also,are Caroline, Josefina, and Kaya getting new meet outfits??On the cover of their books,it shows their old ones. Samantha's meet outfit is okay. BUT SUPER HAPPY SHE IS COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! But-if they are doing away with the best friend line why is Nellie on the cover of Samantha's book?? I bet Rebecca's meet outfit is that purple one on the book covers. By the way,I love your blog!! I go on it every day. So many questions lol.

    1. In the new BEFOREVER video it shows Caroline and Kaya dressed in their current met oufits. Josefina's is updated in a more brighter fabric with blue sash. I'm curious too as to why NELLIE is on the book cover and made mention of that. Hmm....