Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to Make A Cabin - Doll Diaries Camp

Julie and Ivy are both going to Doll Diaries Camp this summer 
(they're bringing mini Saige and Mini Isabelle). 

These girls are going to need a cabin to stay in. Here is a quick and easy room made from a cardboard box, Duct tape, contact paper or scrapbook paper.

Make a tri-fold room using a box by cutting it open and removing the flaps. I extended my room by overlapping two corner sets together.  

Begin wallpapering the interior with contact paper or wood grain scrapbook paper. I have secured the paper on the under side with duct tape.

Here is where the fun begins in adding personal touches like windows, curtains, rugs, beds, tables and chairs.

 A photo from our NM trip with Saige. You have my permission to print any or all of the images in my HTM Window View post.

 Trim your windows in scrapbook paper or Popsicle sticks.


  1. Love the contact paper idea! We made a camp room last year and I just set it up in anticipation for Camp Doll Diaries. I'll have to send you a picture. We took an AG box cover and made a bed out of that for the room. Maybe I'll update the room with contact paper and send you before and after pics!

  2. I'm gonna bring sapphire she is number 49 if I could attach a pict I would?

  3. My mom (Sharry) is a guest counselor at Camp Doll Diaries this year! Yay! I hope you like her crafts!

  4. Awesome! By the way, do you happen to know what will Happen to Kaya once beforever hits? Will she get a new outfit? I know she'll get the real girl cover, but will her collection stay the same? Thanks!

  5. There is no info on Kaya, but he is safe within the Beforever line-up. It looks like her outfit remains unchanged.