Wednesday, May 21, 2014

AG Formal Announcement Letter

*Note " We’ll also be introducing new doll accessories and outfits, new books, online activities, and historically inspired clothing for girls."

AG offered historical outfits DRESS LIKE YOUR DOLL in the late 1990s/early 2000. Molly's entire meet outfit was $125 for girls. I'm happy they're bringing the clothing back - the following photos are from American Girl wiki.





I can't wait to see what the updated outfits will look like for Samantha, Caroline, Addy, Kit, Rebecca, Julie, Josefina and Kaya!! What FUN!!!!

Will YOU be buying Dress Like Your Doll outfits??


  1. "there's never been a better time to be an american girl fan" how about when it was about real history, not just collecting? How about when the now retired historical dolls were around? Now seems like the worst time to be a fan. I won't be buying any historical stuff for a while after beforever starts.

    1. Laughing but also having to agree with you. Looking at old catalogs you see page after page of beautiful clothes and accessories, that also taught something. Now it's all style over substance.

      As far as the Dress Like Your Doll outfits, what age group will be they be made for this time around?

  2. I was wondering, did any of you get the March catalog in the mail yesterday? I did and I find it strange since the new one is scheduled to come tomorrow.

  3. They made two versions of Samantha's cape -- the Black Watch plaid wool she actually had, and also a deep blue velvet -- and they made her white "fur" hat and muff for girls too. ! remember wanting those SO badly!

  4. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    Does anyone have a link to that video they were talking about? Is that the one on the AG Facebook page now?

  5. I like the dress like your doll outfits (with the exception of the first one).

    @Barb the Evil Genius...I agree about looking at the older catalogs and seeing quality products (clothing and accessories) for seemingly lower prices and actual working zippers, snaps, ties, etc. Now it's all velcro and elastic. Not to mention the focus being on the historical characters with a lot less (but a lot more [6 piece outfits for layering] for the American Girl of Today).