Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Number Chart for JLY and MyAG

 I get a lot of questions on how to find the number of a particular JLY or MyAG doll.

This is a great reference chart from American Girl Wiki.


  1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    According to AG Playthings, #19 has had a couple of different versions. I have a Pleasant Company AGOT #19 (second version), an AGOT #20 (retired) and JLY #30.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. JLY 44 looks a lot like Cecile. I think I even saw her in a catalog wearing hair ribbons the same way Cecile does.
    Was it Cecile? You never know...retired historicals sneaking back into catalogs disguised as modern dolls? Revenge on AG for retiring them?
    I know, I know, I'm being silly.

  3. I have an AG19 JLY AGOT and am trying to sell her, but I do not even know her name. Any ideas on how to find the name

  4. I have MYAG JLY AGOT, and am trying to sell her but I don't even know her name. Any ideas??? I think her name is Kristen, but all the photos of her have blonde hair, mine has brown hair with grey eyes.

    1. Modern dolls do not come with names. Perhaps someone named her Kristen upon receiving her. As for the blond Kirsten, she is a historical doll and her name has a slightly different spelling. Brown hair with grey eyes sounds like Molly, actually. If you do not know where she came from, she may not be a modern doll. Look up photos of Molly. Be aware, however, that most pictures of Molly show her with braids and glasses, so she may be hard to recognize. MyAG, JLY, and AGOT are all abbreviations for the modern doll line by American Girl.
      Hope this helps.