Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Addy's Chosen Birthday

If you remember, Addy chooses her own date on the calendar to become her birthday. In the National Museum of American History in Washington DC, the Addy exhibit is no longer a formal exhibit. However some of the items mentioned from her story are still on display within the museum. I have included a video below.

Here is a little background on the former exhibit.

(2011) To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, the National Museum of American History is partnering with American Girl to bring the stories of the Civil War to life for students and families. For the past 25 years, American Girl authors have shared stories of young people who faced difficult challenges throughout history. Through a special partnership with the Museum, these stories will now come to life through the real objects and people who lived during the war. 


  1. That looks so cool! I wish I had gone to one of those things! Do you know what the gift was?

  2. It's too bad they have decided to discontinue this portion of the guided tour. I know that too some it might not seem right to connect a museum to a commercial product, but it is a connection the girls can grasp and it inspires them to see the museum and learn more. I am glad they have some of the things still on display.