Sunday, March 16, 2014

Update - Returning GOTY 2014 Isabelle

I wanted to take a moment to update my readers. I regret that I was unable to "bond" with GOTY 2014 Isabelle. 

She is such a pretty doll, but I sent her back. I am first and foremost an historical character doll collector. They originally drew me to American Girl in the mid 1990s.

You can still follow mini Isabelle on Snickerdoodle Street.


  1. Hi there Rhonda,

    My DD very much enjoys your site and movies, and wants me to tell you they are very beautiful. She is completely stunned and sad that you sent the big Isabelle back. She wished she could have adopted her, given her a new home and cared for her. (DD likes rescue dolls.) Perhaps someone else will be able to adopt her. We are glad you are keeping the little Isabelle. DD has a little Isabelle also, and even sewed her a bed. She also likes the Jessie/ Sam movie, and likes Slurpees too.

    Please make more happy movies, and apparently DD wants me to say "It was nice to meet you Rhonda".
    An anonymous Mama and DD

    1. Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment. I appreciate both you and your daughter being readers. I am sorry Isabelle will no longer be a feature on this blog. I tried very hard to connect with her, but I just couldn't. I will continue to do happy movies and write about fun crafts along with tutorials for both of you to make. ((hugs))

  2. Awe, oh well, you still have mini Isabelle!

  3. Every doll collector is different but I believe you should only buy/ keep what you truly love. I'm sure you can use the credit you will get from her to get something else you have been wanting for your collection. I love the historical dolls myself. There's just something about them. Even my daughter who is about to be 6 is more drawn to the historicals. When she looks through the catalog she doesn't even look at the MAG items. She either heads to the back to see if any new items came out for the Bitty Twins or she looks at the historical dolls. I can't wait till she is a little older so she can understand their books a little better. When I'm reading them to her I still have to stop and explain a few things to her.

  4. I was on the fence about Isabelle, as I wasn't at all impressed with the leaked photo on ebay prior to Jan 1st. The doll looked rather generic to me, and her outfit cheap looking. The catalog and website images mostly didn't speak to me either, though I fell in love with her black jacket and much of her wardrobe on sight. The dance case called my name, I swear it did! :-) I watched a lot of unboxing Isabelle videos on YouTube, and that's when my interest really kicked in. Her hair was obviously stunning. This past weekend, I went and picked out my own Isabelle. She is very sweet and lovable to me. Her hair is multi-tonal and glossy, thick and satiny, irresistible! Her only imperfection is a somewhat lazy left eye, but now that she's mine, I couldn't bear to replace her. Isabelle has become one of my favorite 13 AG dolls. Never saw that coming, such a nice surprise!