Friday, March 14, 2014

*In Store Report* AGP DC - NOLA Sale Items

Madelon shows us the massive NOLA sales going on right now at AGP Washington, DC (aka Tyson’s Corner).


She saw Marie Grace's bed still on display, though not on sale.

NOLA minis on sale $16

Thank you Madelon for these updates.


  1. This just seems another sign of the NOLA collection's impending retirement. I thought the sales were usually online only, but the NOLA sale items showing up in the store seems to me like they are trying to clear out their stock everywhere. I am hoping the bed will go on sale soon so I can get it for my MG and my daughter's Cecile doll. We were lucky to snag the desk and vanity(as well as the retired masquerade dress and accessories and Cecile's red dress) when they were on sale be fore Christmas

  2. Oh no! I don't know if I'll be able to wait too long to get them. This is such a bad sign...

  3. Omg! I am going to AGP LA today. :O It makes it so tempting... D:

  4. I wonder if the bed will come up on sale (again) later? It's my favorite pieces of C & MG's collection. I regret not buying it when it was $50. Awww...memories!

  5. I want to get the desk & wash stand. I wanted to get the shower & dog bath too. It would be nice to add to my Christmas gift stash for my grands.