Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Big FAT Project - Doll Room Part 3

 Part 3 - materials
I have determined that I need four levels (or floors) on both walls, joining together at the corner (L shaped). AG doll beds are 20" (give or take) so I need the depth to be 21". 

The space across from window to corner at left is 9 feet. 
The wall from window to corner at right is 5 feet. 
 An option for some of you may be this unit
Edsal 72" h x 48" w x 24" d 
5-Tier Steel Freestanding Shelving

 I am going for a more traditional style like these stacked shelves and brackets.

I will use easy to cut, sturdy particle board and I estimate my total cost $80, not including brackets.

Installation coming soon!

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