Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY Kitchen Sink/Stove

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this DIY kitchen project by Miranda Walker!!

01.  Find a piece of furniture to repurpose.  Check out thrift stores, yard sales, Craigslist, and family.

02.  Collect design ideas from online photo galleries like Flickr.  Put together a plan for what features you would like your kitchen to have and decide what will work for the furniture that you have.

03.  Gather your supplies.  This will vary based on your design and furniture, but you’ll probably need sandpaper or an electric sander, something to cut with, paint, a sink (maybe a metal bowl or a baking pan), faucet (half of a P-trap plumbing pipe) handles and knobs (you can often find old knobs for the stove at appliance repair shops), fabric and kitchen accessories.

04.  Dig in:  Now that you have a plan for your vision, and your supplies, it is time to get busy.

  • Remove any doors and sand all surfaces. 
  • Cut a hole for the sink if you’re including one and a hole for the faucet.
  • Cut any other doors or shelves that need cut.
  • Prime all surfaces and then paint.  If you are painting the stove burners or oven door, do so before you re-hang the doors.  Cover all surfaces with varnish to protect the paint.
  • Attach any new or used handles and re-hang doors.  You may need to buy extra hinges so that the doors stay on well.  Don’t forget magnetic clasps to help the doors stay shut.
  • Put in the sink and faucet and attach any knobs you will be using.
  • Hang any curtains you may be using with an inexpensive tension rod. 
  • Fill the shelves with pretend food + pots and pans and wait for your little one to cook up some fun!

Of course these steps will vary with every kitchen, but once you have a plan, putting together your kitchen will go quickly.  If you’re thinking about making your own play kitchen, go for it!  You, and your kiddos, will be so happy that you did!

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