Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ebay Standards

Just how far will people go? And would you buy? 
Note* These listings are approx $200 range. 

Pains me to see the way these poor dolls have turned out....they deserve better homes.


  1. My daughter is not even 6 years old yet and takes better care of her dolls. I showed this post to my childen and even my boys were a little upset. We try to teach our children if you really like your toys you have to take of them. Especially if they are a lot money.

    1. Good point and I agree! These dolls are expensive and hard earned money is thrown away when dolls are mistreated. Even worse if they were gifts!

  2. Oh my!!!! D: Those poor dollies! I must have them and take care of them! Oh me oh my oh my oh me!


  3. Poor dolls... I hope they find a new loving home and come back to their original beauties. I would't pay $200 for them, though...

  4. Is that what they are *getting* or just what they are *asking*? Looking at completed auctions can be very illuminating.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness! That's horrible!
    While a part of me says these dolls were well loved (yes, I know you might think I'm crazy but sometimes when they go everywhere 24/7 with momma this is how they end up looking), the other part wonders why they are being sold.
    Of course, the biggest question is how do these sellers think this condition is worth $200? I don't think I'd even put up $200 for the entire lot, let alone one.

  6. I agree, Rhonda. :( It's so sad to see dolls in such bad condition.


  7. Ummm... WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?! Who would seriously buy this JUNK?! You could get BRAND NEW doll for less! That's just... ugh, it upsets me. Those poor, poor dollies... :,(

  8. That is horrible! I watched a childhood friend take a pen to her Samantha's face just because she was angry with her mother and wanted to destroy a nice expensive toy.

    To me it appears this is a lot sale of 10 dolls for $200. Forb $20each I would buy them. Cleaning vinyl, restringing, downy dunks, rewigging and even washing the body is easy enough if your willing to put the time into it. It makes a great hobby project and you can sell each rehabed doll to recover your costs and make a profit to a child who otherwise couldn't afford it or a collector who will appreciate the doll.

  9. I would probably buy those poor dolls to fix them. My sister (age 5)'s dolls look better than that!