Monday, December 30, 2013

*Your Photos* Molly & Emily TRIBUTE

 An end of an era for American Girl.

Here are tribute photos of Molly and Emily. AG fans adore these two BFFs and it is only fair that we say good-bye in our way to both our beloved Molly McIntire and Emily Bennett.

Ashley Age:14 

For Molly: Molly, I am going to miss your clothes and your stories! Good bye!
For Emily: Emily, I will miss your Outfits and your stories about conquering your fears! Good Bye!

 From Jan
Molly and Emily mean a lot to me.  My grandparents were greatly involved in the war, and so they remind me of them. They also were one of the first AG dolls from 1986, so they mark the beginning of AG, too.

 Marsha, 17 years old.

Molly only recently appealed to me. Growing up,  I never paid much attention to the brunette braided girl. However, after a few years she began to grow on me, and the idea of a customized character sprung into my mind. I'm pleased to say my Molly and Emily will soon take on a life of their own, with the 40s mixed in. Molly's beauty is subtle, but once you notice it, it is truly captivating.
Hi, I'm a subscriber to your blog & get your emails-which my daughter and I love!  We are both collectors of American Girl and were saddened to hear about Molly & Emily; Molly was my daughter's first AG doll and she is still deeply loved here at home.  My daughter literally was in tears when I told her about the archival.  I have a picture of my DD & her Molly taken on the day she received her as a gift from my parents that I am sending to you.  She was 6 in this picture.  Thank you.

 I have to say this picture means the most to me of Molly. This outfit my beloved Molly is wearing is what initially made me fall in love with her 12 years ago! I was finally able to get it earlier this year and never been more happier! I need a little bit left of her collection until it is complete! I am also making a video for my Molly and it is very sad that AG is retiring her.
-Amanda Davis, 22 

  My name is Molly and I am 14 years old.
It's hard for me to express what these dolls mean to me.  I know they are just dolls, but they are one of the few things that have stayed with me throughout my childhood.  My grandma has had Molly as long as I can remember, and this summer I purchased Emily as my very first American Girl doll.  She is a treasured girl!  Watching Emily and Molly retire has been like watching an era come to a close. Although I enjoy looking at the catalogs and visiting their stores, American Girl continually disappoints me, as it moves away from it's foundations.  Molly and Emily were one of the last few characters representing what American Girl used to advocate--and what I hope that it will return to.  
Thanks for putting this together.
Molly helped begin the phenomenon of American Girl's Collection. As one of the original three, she captivated doll lovers everywhere. I remember getting the older catalogs when my daughter was still small, and seeing how unique Molly was with her iconic braids and eyeglasses. She represented what a patriotic American girl was! I love her originality, her strong spirit and for being a true friend and companion to girls everywhere (including me). Molly is a ONE OF A KIND. She and Emily will always be near and dear to our hearts. 

Thank you for 27 years of fond memories Miss Victory and here's to many more. We salute you.

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