Friday, December 13, 2013

*Opening* Holiday Surprises from KKollect

Many of you know that I typically send my dolls to KKollect and Mr. Modelnut for repair (re-stringing, cleaning). I sent the last three of my dolls that needed help to them. Imagine my surprise when I opened this package and received three new holiday outfits + other goodies!!

First of all my (custom) Bitty Twins were a gift from KKollect and I cherish them so much. They're irresistible! But there's more to this. I only decided to begin my YouTube channel after being encouraged by KKollect. It has been so much fun and a creative outlet to connect with other doll lovers. I have made so many doll friends and shared in the joy of seeing their collections change and grow.

I was drawn to KKollect's channel because they're a close family inspiring other doll collectors to be creative. I consider this family to be my dearest friends and they are always FUN FUN FUN! 

Thank you KKollect, Mr. Modelnut and ZaZa for being the GREATEST friends to me and for all of your imaginative doll ideas and videos, but especially for being generous, caring, loving, kind people to all of your subscribers. There isn't one subscriber that hasn't been touched in some way by you. I love you and appreciate your friendship. God bless you.

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