Wednesday, November 27, 2013

*Opening* New Journey Girls Fashion Pack

My girl Sissy is a time traveler and she needed (...OK wanted) some new clothes, (what girl doesn't?) I went to Hobby Lobby and got her a cute skirt and jacket set $7.99 and a PJ set $7.99. I used my 40% coupon (SCORE!)

I also made a trip to TRU for the new Journey Girls SUPER Fashion Pack $29.99. It's LOADED with fun items for multiple looks.

 Her brother Sam will love borrowing the leather jacket and Sissy has given him the brown t-shirt, (isn't she a sweet sister?)
Check out the following opening video to see all the amazing fashions included.


  1. I'm planning on getting a bitty for my little girl for Christmas, so I'm glad it looks like there are a lot of clothing options for them too.

  2. That is a great collection for a great price. Thank you for sharing.