Thursday, September 5, 2013

Doll Shoes Storage Solutions

Sorry I have been away from my blog the last couple of days. 

 My dog, Bosley has a tumor at the base of his tail. He is on antibiotics, but may have to have surgery next week. It's a daily thing keeping a watch on his condition.
How do you store your doll shoes? It's nerve wracking because you don't want to lose the mate to those cute pair of cowboy boots and how many flats do we all have by now?? In how many colors?? 

I have a small system where I toss shoes in the upper drawers and boots in the lower drawers. It works fine for me. 

Another alternative is to use a basic hanging jewelry organizer. You can get these anywhere for $10 - $15.

I found a cute tutorial from MAKING FRIENDS.COM on HTM a shoe holder out of a cereal box.


  1. I will pray 4 your dog!

  2. I hope your dog is doing well.