Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How To Make - Doll Tea Cozy + Sponge Cake

When I saw Karen's post on Doll Diaries on HTM a Tea Cozy I flipped out! It's absolutely adorable!! Nellie and I decided to make one for her and Samantha to use.

  • Felt or fabric 
  • Plain sheet of paper, pen 
  • Buttons, trims, Ric rack 
  • hot glue or needle and thread

  1. Lay your tea pot onto a sheet of paper and trace around it. 
  2. Cut the pattern piece then pin it to your felt or fabric. 
  3. Cut your fabric and either sew or hot glue the two side together with good sides facing. 
  4. Turn right side out and decorate!!

 Nellie wanted to add buttons!!

 We also made a cute sponge cake.

  1. Tear off the green scour side of the sponge, discard. 
  2. Cut basic yellow sponge in half then trace a circle using a cookie cutter or drinking glass for size. 
  3. Hot glue the layers together. 
  4. Cut a triangular piece out of your cake. 
  5. Paint the top and sides with 3D puff paint. 
  6. Decorate!!


You can use different colored sponges for different flavored cakes too!


  1. Is there a brand of yellow sponge that you prefer? Madelon

    1. No I just grabbed one at the Dollar Tree and ripped the green scour side off - LOL - one that looks like cake :-)