Saturday, July 13, 2013


 I have made several items for my dolls, picked up thrifty finds or bought items from AG. I have run out of storage space! Haven't we all? I figure WHY store all the Hodge Podge in boxes inside the closet where I CAN'T SEE IT? 

I took TWO under utilized closets in my home, cleaned out all of the AG boxes and storage boxes, emptied their contents and began creating vignettes on the shelves where the boxes once were.

Some of you might objectively say, yes this makes sense. I couldn't envision it however. All I saw were the boxes until I became frustrated and began to rethink the space.  

 Coat closet

 Based on my coat closet dimensions under the pre-existing shelf three boxes would stack -allowing for three rooms. 

The other closet is a bit larger (56" wide) with three shelves lending me enough space for 1-2 dolls per shelf. I was able to make four rooms.

Kirsten has her own space under an existing table.
Consider under utilized areas in your own home. Rethink them. You never know what you can make from them.
Now you ask, where do you put all of the AG boxes? (Stacked on an upper shelf in another closet or under a bed, in the garage or use the extra boxes as furniture.


  1. Cool! You are so creative!

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  3. Did you hand paint Caroline's turquoise backdrop? It's very pretty! What kind of mini dolls does Samantha have sitting next to her? Molly's kitchen looks awesome. Love the table and chairs and her stove!

    1. Thank you very much for the compliments :-) I made Caroline's Parlor out of foam core. I have a tutorial on it in the tutorial section on the upper tab if you're interested in re-creating it. It is $300 - out of my doll budget, I had to make one myself.

  4. I forgot to add, great idea to turn your spare closet areas into dollhouses. I recently converted a 4 drawer chest of drawers into a two story dollhouse. The vignettes that you created are precious!