Friday, June 14, 2013

Q & A - Doll & Clothes Storage

I get a lot of video requests on how to make certain items or requests to show my ever growing and changing doll collection. I wanted to throw it back to you!

1. How many 18 inch dolls (AG or any doll) do you own?
2. How many is too many/ your limit?
3. Do you find yourself trying to make time for your doll collection? (maintenance, organizing, etc)

As a doll collector I find that I struggle with storage space. It's always challenging to find a spot to set things up for photos or video taping.

I also find, since my doll collection includes dolls of various sizes, it becomes difficult to store them properly by size category.

I am trying to find a way around this problem, but think ultimately I simply need a doll room. I do not have a spare room and the garage is a hot and dusty place not suitable for dolls.

I know many collectors house their dolls in bookcases with each doll owning her own shelf. I have all of my dolls side by side on three shelves but there are not "rooms".

Currently I am quite content with my clothing storage.

I'm hoping one day I will have a doll room just like my grandmother did. 


  1. I see an AG Julie in your header picture. When did you get her?

    1. LOL - Ebay - she should be her in a few days! Woo Hoo!

  2. 1. I currently have 9 dolls - Kirsten, #7 (Kaitlyn), Felicity, #25 (Isabella), Addy, #28 (Ariana), Kit, #34 (Zoey), Samantha

    2. I really hate to set a number on my dolls. I know of 3 more I want to get, so maybe 12 will be my limit, but I don't really know.

    3. All the time! I'm a teacher so I'm very busy most of the time. Counting down the days until Summer and I can have more time with my girls!

  3. BTW...Lindsey is missing from the header pic!

  4. I have AG Felicity and AG mini Kirsten. Kirsten stays in her cardboard house and Felicity stays on her bunkbed. I love Julie and I'm excited that you're getting her!

  5. I sooo want Julie. I have AG Elizabeth,an OG doll, and a china doll. They all sleep in beds in my playroom.