Monday, May 13, 2013

*Opening* New Journey Girl Doll

This blog is mainly about AG dolls, but I am beginning to grow a collection of other brand 18" dolls. I have been looking at the Journey Girl dolls for a while. 

So when my husband said pick out a doll for Mother's day, I chose to get one. I am re-naming her Bianca. I got her with the intention of having her be Josefina's BFF.

The Journey Girls are a little bit skinnier than AG dolls. One complaint: I don't like the plastic/rubber shoes! However that being said with this particular doll they are sandals so I didn't mind them too much. I'm already beginning to sew her clothing, look for her upcoming posts and videos.


  1. cool! how much was she??

  2. These are neat.She's really pretty.