Friday, April 26, 2013

*On Location* Kaya & Kirsten Go Fishing!

These two love fishing! Kirsten wanted to show Kaya how she uses a fishing rod to catch fish. The girls look for the best spot.

"There are so many ducks out today! Must mean good fishing!!" Kirsten said excited.

Rods in hand the girls set out to catch whatever they can find.

 With a few fish in their basket all this hard work made them both hungry. They stop for a quick bite of the sandwiches that Kirsten had packed earlier.

 Kaya sees something from up in the tree.

 She and Kirsten both see it! There are some tiny turtles sunning on the rocks!!!!

 Kaya motions to Kirsten, the best way she knows how, to explain that this is the turtles home and they shouldn't be disturbed.

Kirsten agrees. She signals to Kaya that she should head back for home now. She divides the fish up so Kaya can take some back to her village. They will both be enjoying fish dinner with their families tonight.


  1. How did you make the fishing rods?

    1. Its the silliest thing- chop sticks and twine :-)

  2. where did you take the pics??