Friday, March 22, 2013

*On Location* Sam Visits the Train

I took Sam to see the vintage 1923 Baldwin Locomotive from Pennsylvania. It sits on a 27.5-acre facility that was established to preserve the history of ranching, pioneer life and the development of the livestock industry in North America.
We spent the early afternoon taking photos.

Behind the scenes VIDEO

  The railroad was essential to the growth of ranching, transporting cattle, settlers (some establishing businesses in the towns), manufactured goods, supplies and lumber to the plains.

The Ropes Depot held an office, receiving area, desk, chairs, ticket booth & window, scale for weighing packages, wood-burning stove, benches and a safe. 

The wood-frame Ropes Depot, built on land once owned by Isaac L. Ellwood, a manufacturer of barbed wire, opened on July 1, 1918. 


  We were happy to find these AG books inside the gift shop! (Kaya, Josefina and Kirsten.)

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