Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dolliday Craft #2 - Gingerbread House

We don't really participate in holidays, but I love the fun seasonal items they have for AG Dolls. I bought a small paper mache house to decorate a Gingerbread House for the girls.
Sugar and Spice Baking Set $58

How cute is this? I love it! (I love to bake so this is really awesome to me)! If any of you have this or get this - congratulations to you! It can be used every year.

My house doesn't have as much color to it. I left it natural and added only white glittery snow, frosted gumdrops and tiny little gingerbread people with candy canes. Here is Molly adding the final touches! She is showing the glittery snow covered rooftop.

Adding anything more I was honestly afraid it would get in their hair and clothes. This glitter gets everywhere!!

More to come - the girls are having a holiday tea party next weekend so check back to see what fun they have planned!!!

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