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Here are plenty of ideas for making dolls clothes to give as holiday gifts! What little girl wouldn't LOVE new clothes for her dolls? If you haven't started - - begin now!! Here are PATTERNS and TUTORIAL to begin making items for gift giving right away.

The pattern fits most 18" vinyl dolls. You can also use this pattern for dolls you make yourself. The only thing you need to know is the length of your doll’s foot, the size of the toe area (the widest part) and the size of the heel area (the narrowest part).  After printing, the sole pattern should measure 3 1/2 inches long, the toe area is 2 inches and the heel is 1 1/2 inches, including the seam allowance.
18" Doll Shoe Pattern

To make the shoes to fit the 18" vinyl doll, you will need to cut out 4 upper pieces and 4 soles (2 of each piece are for lining and can be cut out of different material than the shoe if you wish).  I like to use denim, fleece, fake fur or other heavy material.  I also use satin, flannel, or other lighter weight materials, but I like to use iron-on interfacing on the back of each piece so the finished shoes are not flimsy.  There is no right or wrong, just decide how you want the finished shoe to look.
Right sides together and using a small machine stitch, sew two upper shoe pieces (one of shoe material and one of lining) together in a scant ¼" seam around the top of shoe. Carefully trim close to stitching. Open out and sew the back of the shoe and lining in one continuous seam, making sure to match the seams at the top of the shoe. Turn right sides out and carefully press.
Baste the shoe and lining pieces together around the bottom edges of the upper shoe. Right sides together baste the two sole pieces together within the seam allowance so it doesn’t show when the shoe is finished. Fold upper shoe in half and cut a small notch at the toe to mark the center front. Fold the sole in half and cut a notch to mark the center front and center back. Pin sole to the upper shoe, matching notches at toe and notch to seam line at back of shoe. With a small machine stitch, sew around the sole using a scant ¼" seam. Zigzag the seam to finish and turn right sides out. 
Now you can embellish with a small silk flower, or a bow or button, etc. Or you can cut a length of ribbon long enough to go around the doll’s leg and attach the middle of the ribbon at the back of the shoe. Make it long enough for ballerina shoes if you wish. If you make the shoe out of fur, you will have a pair of furry slippers. For the sole, you can use the non-slip material sold for children’s pajama feet.

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Dolly Tees



Measuring Correctly: 18-inch Doll Clothing Patterns 
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Doll clothes patterns can be adjusted before cutting, to ensure a perfect fit for a variety of dolls. You can easily see size differences by comparing the measurements of three popular 18-inch dolls:

Madame Alexander ‘Girlz’

American Girl Dolls

Gotz ‘Precious Day Collection’ 

The lines drawn on the dolls in the photo below show exactly where to measure your dolls. 
Bust and Shoulders: One obvious difference among the three dolls is the bust measurement, which is quite a bit larger on the Gotz doll. But, her larger bust line is really caused by the width of her shoulders. The distance around her shoulders is a full inch larger than the American Girl doll… and 1-5/8 inches larger than the Madame Alexander doll.  

 Sleeve Length: The Madame Alexander doll has slightly longer arms, but because her shoulders are narrower, her sleeve length is almost identical to the American Girl doll. And, don’t forget the Gotz doll’s wide shoulders. Even though the Gotz arms are the same length as the American Girl, you have to increase her sleeve length if you don’t increase the width of the shoulders on the doll clothes patterns.

The American Girl doll has bigger hips and a more rounded bottom. She also has a shorter, thicker neck than the other dolls. When you’re making tight pants or boots, remember the Gotz doll has larger, 5-1/2 inch calves. (Although it’s not shown here, the older American Girl dolls also have 5-1/2 inch calves.) All the dolls’ heads and feet are almost identical in size. Their inseams are similar enough to make their pant lengths the same.

So, even if you’re sewing for just one doll, always measure your doll. Then, measure the doll clothes patterns and compare each area. If you’re making doll clothes to sell, or if you own several different 18-inch dolls, you’ll need to make a few alterations so the clothes will fit all the various dolls. Begin by using this chart. 

For all of the dolls to wear the same clothes, cut the doll clothes patterns large enough to fit the biggest measurement in each body area. For example, make sure the bust fits a doll that measures 12-1/8 inches; the waist 10-1/2 inches; and the hips 12-1/4 inches. Remember to add a small amount to each measurement for ‘ease,’ unless you want the dolls’ clothes to be skin-tight.

Original AG Pattern Downloads

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