Thursday, September 8, 2016

*REVIEW* OG It Seams Perfect

My Target stores didn't have this...and if they did it was purchased quickly because I was unable to find it. 

I love this's an affordable option to Isabelle's studio, (which I couldn't afford!)


Lots of cute pieces! Everything she needs for sewing projects.

Even a real doll sized clothing pattern and fabric.

The dress form is entirely made of hard plastic.

I tried the pin cushion on her wrist and it didn't fit, it was VERY difficult to manipulate - too stiff and I didn't want to break it.

Happy to finally have this set for Isabelle!


  1. Target near me only just started carrying this set. I believe it is now finally online too. Glad you got it, it looks awesome!

  2. I bought this set online! I actually found it and it had free shipping to Canada too. Yippee!!! It's very cute in person. I love the photos in this post.

  3. Love this set to a company my Isabelle Sewing Room. They pair great together. As a complete Sewing Room.

  4. This looks like a lot of fun! Madelon

  5. Thanks for sharing! When we saw your post, so we decided to check our local Target, hoping that they had it. We were so excited to see 1 on the shelf, which came home with us. This is a nice set, even comes with a pattern for the doll. We'll have to do some crafting to make more pin cushions for other dolls that want to sew, and maybe we can make a copy or take a picture of the AG Simplicity pattern cover, reduce it in size, and print it out. So much fun. Wish I had more room, we could have a sewing room, make bolts of fabric using a piece of cardboard and fabric wrapped around it, and use the ironing board and iron from Kit's wash day set.