Wednesday, April 16, 2014

*NEWS* PS Confirms Retirements

I have been told by a reputable source that their PS specifically encouraged adding Marie Grace, Cecile, Ivy and /or Ruthie to their collection ASAP if they have interest. That it is true all four dolls are exiting this year. The PS was not sure whether all four dolls would be "phased out" or if the NOLA girls would receive a formal announcement. Regardless the PS said there isn't enough stock (in this particular store) for a formal announcement.

Update* AGP Atlanta said they will be getting a few more Marie Grace dolls tomorrow, but thereafter what is in store is all their stock, no new shipments.

*NEWS* Marie Grace OUT OF STOCK (Atlanta)

Photo: Cindy Yun

AGP Atlanta is out of Marie Grace dolls, Easter set and Josefina dolls are limited supply too. Store personnel said, "Get ready for BIG changes in August!"

MyAG #29 

and #46 are out of stock in Atlanta.
 It's unclear if Marie Grace will re-stock, I have tried calling the store several times, but all lines are busy.

AG Modern Doll Changes

Here is a look back at just how much Girl of the Year, Just Like You and My American Girl meet outfits have changed since 1995.

1995 Mix and Match Outfit

1996 First Day Outfit

1998 Red Jumper Outfit

2000 Urban Outfit

2002 Go Anywhere Outfit

2004 Ready For Fun

 2006 I Like Your Style

2008 Star Hoodie

2010 Real Me Outfit

2012 True Spirit Outfit

All photos: American Girl Wiki

Monday, April 14, 2014

*RUMOR* - TRULY ME Possible New MyAG Name???

With the historical revamp on it's way, RUMOR is the MyAG line is due to get new meet outfits and possibly a new name! 
  • In 1995 American Girl of Today debuted. 
  • Every two years AG introduced new meet outfits, accessories and packaging.
  • 2006 "Girl of Today" was renamed "Just Like You". 
  • 2010 the JLY modern line was renamed "My American Girl".
JLY had a four year run and as of summer 2014 it will be the four year mark for MyAG.
Both TRULY ME and BE FOREVER are described as:
  • Jewelery and watches
  • Toys and playthings 
  • Bedding
  • Backpacks and purses
  • DVDs and entertainment for children
  • Games and computers

MyAG has a website the Innerstar University, and TRULY ME  states it too will have a website. Its very probable TRULY ME is the new name for the look-a-like doll line!
 Notice here the current IU guides names are listed : 
Neely, Logan, Paige.

Shelby, Amber, Emmy, Riley and Isabel :all current IU guides. 

Logan and Paige are both IU Guides however TEAGAN is not. And with the current abandonment of Emmy, it's quite possible Teagan is the new IU Guide replacing her.

Typically the MyAG meet outfits change with the Fall Release.  We will have to wait until sometime around mid summer (4th of July-ish) to see if in fact TRULY ME is introduced or if AG will wait and introduce TRULY ME and BE FOREVER at the same time end of August.

Those of us who don't do well with change better strap in tight because we could be in for a bumpy AG ride in a matter of months!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Current Patterns 18" Dolls

These are beautiful patterns for your 18" doll collection and to make as gifts! (links)



And what about a 1950s doll???


Saturday, April 12, 2014

DIY Tightening Limbs

I took a chance and tightened Josefina's limbs. If I can do it - YOU CAN DO IT!
I watched a video tutorial and was successful. 
Yay she looks great!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Samantha vs JLY #16 - Comparison

 I have been asked if JLY#16 (1995) looks like Mattel Samantha.

 While there are similarities, there are also differences.

JLY#16 has straight dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, lined brows and little to no coloring.


Samantha has red tones in her curly hair, brown decal eyes and more coloring.


WB Pleasant Company Samantha, JLY#16 and PC Molly.

I will say that JLY#16 has the easiest hair to care for. It's very similar to Isabelle's. It never tangles, if you need a low maintenance doll for a young child, consider JLY#16.