Thursday, September 18, 2014


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Kirsten's Birthday Dress

Kirsten’s Birthday Outfit

For Kirsten’s first American birthday, she chooses this outfit to celebrate:
  • A summery checked dress covered with a crisp white apron, plus striped socks
  • A daisy wreath to adorn her flowing hair

To see her Trestle Table.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Addy's BEFOREVER Meet Hairstyle (Requested Tutorial)

This was a requested tutorial.

I don't know how to french braid. For those of you who don't know how either - this is how I did Addy's BF meet hairstyle on my PC Addy.

Step One: Part hair in the middle, braid each side, smoothing hair best as possible from Addy's face.

Step Two: Curl (loop) the ends of each braid in an elastic hair tie (tuck in).

Step Three: Tie a single knot with black ribbon.

Step Four: Draw one of the loose braids up to the top (opposite) where the braid begins at Addy's temple. Tuck one end (lace) of the ribbon through the front of the braid, secure it by tying the ribbon in a bow around the looped end, tucking it in behind the braid.

Step Five: Do the same on the other side, adjusting the two braids in back closing any gaps.

Step Six: (Optional) Finish off the look with Addy's braided headband from her hairstyling set, tucking it behind the front of her braids.

Addy's Meet 1/4" wide black satin ribbons are 12" long. Mine are a little longer and need trimming.


My Life As...Walk in the Park Play Set (with dog)

We have seen the individual play sets at Wal-Mart before. New My Life set in stores!

Walk in the Park Play Set

Too cute! Includes: Pink tunic, black leggings, leopard print cape, pink boots, Leopard print wristband, Dog, leash and Dog capelet.

Kirsten's Summer Dress

Kirsten’s Summer Dress & Straw Hat

When the sun shines on the prairie, Kirsten puts on this outfit:
  • A cool summer dress with blue stripes, short sleeves, and tiny oval buttons
  • The straw hat she’s longed for, which is trimmed with a black ribbon and a bunch of bright cherries

Pleasant Company

There is a reproduction version, here is my Kirsten dressed in one.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


WOW! This little blog of mine has reached one million views in just two years!

I want to say THANK YOU to my loyal readers and the newcomers who recently stopped by along the way.

I promise to keep doing my best to bring you NEWS, CRAFTS, TUTORIALS, PHOTOS STORIES, and REVIEWS!

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Classic Historical Meets/Accessories

Did you miss out on Meet outfits and Accessories for your Classic Historical Dolls?

Here are links:


While supplies last.

Kirsten's School Dress

 Kirsten’s School Dress with Shawl

To stay warm on her long walk to school, Kirsten wears this outfit:
  • A red print school dress
  • Dark blue woven hair ribbons
  • A plaid shawl to wrap around her shoulders, since girls didn’t wear jackets in the 1850s

This is not Kirsten's school dress. This is an etsy dress I put her in for a feature next to this old school house.