Sunday, December 21, 2014

*NEWS* GOTY 2014 Isabelle Collection SOLD OUT! (List)

With a few key items on sale (priced to move) during Jill's Steals and Deals and the AG Daily Deals, at time of this post the following GOTY 2014 Isabelle items are SOLD OUT !

Isabelle Doll & Book

Isabelle Starter Collection

Isabelle's Purple Leotard

 Isabelle's Sparkly Skort for Dolls

Isabelle's Funky Leggings for Dolls

 Isabelle's Scrunch Pants for Dolls

 Isabelle's Wrap Sweater for Dolls

 Isabelle's Metallic Dress

Isabelle's Dance Barre

 Isabelle's Fashion Sketchbook

 Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight Soundtrack

 Isabelle's Sparkle Dress

Isabelle's Studio

 There are just a handful of items left. I hope you were able to complete your Isabelle collection!

*Reader Photos* AG Mini Doll Tree

How many minis does it take to fill a holiday tree? Nonna's tree is FULL of minis!! I love this!

Pictured in front it Missy, her new OG Kiana with a chop bob.Nonna used fishing line to hang the mini dolls on the tree.

*Reader Photos* Samantha's Gingerbread House

This is the FIRST time this has ever happen. I apologize! I received this gorgeous picture and can not find the email. Let me know ASAP! I want everyone to know who this cuteness belongs to.

*Reader Photos* OG Tea Set

Ticia share photos of her OG tea set.

I went to Target this past weekend and saw an OG TEA SET!  It looked great so I bought it. 

Here are my two dolls with it.  Tea pot, sugar cup, and tea tin have removable lids and tops. Jam jar does not, but it is very cute. Comes with nice pale pink plastic spoons and the cookies look so detailed.   It looks adorable although I am not quite sure how it is supposed to sit on the tea pot? I never used one before.

The macaroon filling is a different color than the cookie itself which is great on OGs part- they've stepped up their game.  

Tea bags can fit in the beautiful tea tin and the tea cozy is the best part. Merry Christmas!  From my dolls to yours. 
Thanks Ticia!! Merry Christmas!

*ROOM TOUR* - Saige's Casa

Saige has her own Casa

It's narrow and measures 13" deep x 24" wide x 20" high. Enough space for a bed and storage at the foot. When you can't build out - build UP!

There is nothing on the walls. I hope to eventually make a cardboard shelf to go up at the foot of the bed. This will provide storage for her smaller accessories.

Saige's bed is a simple cardboard box with a handmade mattress and bedding out of southwest corduroy fabric that I found at Hancock Fabrics. 

Ideally under the shelf a wall mount TV would be a great space saver. Saige's clothing is stored in the closet of my doll room.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

*ROOM TOUR* Secret Doll House

What makes this space so special is that it's hidden, well contained and enough room for four historical dolls. This space has given me the most joy to create.

Addy has the most "stuff" and I needed the extra room that the floor space offered. I walled in the room and laid matching floor down using foam boards. 

She has a cooking area, table for meals and/or work space and a bedroom. I love her space so much, it's one of my favorites.

Josefina has a bed and cooking area as well, but her floor is narrow as it sits on a shelf. 

Her space if full of color and I love the white walls because it looks like the Rancho that she toured.

 Felicity's area is a bedroom. Her DIY bed takes up 2/3 of the space, but she does have storage and a sitting area.

The DIY travel trunk holds all of her smaller things and the cabinet holds dishes.

I had hoped to paper Felicity's bedroom in yellow and have a window in the sitting area. (Add that to next years list of projects!)

 Rebecca now lives on the upper shelf. After I made Samantha's DIY Beforever bed, I gave Rebecca her brass bed. 

Her bedroom is separated by a small storage cabinet.

Her walls are papered with scrapbook paper. I had hopes of getting her settee on Cyber Monday, but it wasn't included. She is using the DIY sofa.

Friday, December 19, 2014

AG/BF Meet Outfits - Comparisons

A look at the original Meet Outfits as compared to the NEW freshened BEFOREVER Meet Outfits.

This is my Julie in her classic meet outfit as compared to Shelly's Julie in the new Beforever meet outfit. Gauze and long sleeves change into peach sign symbol and sleeveless style.

The Beforever skirt is brighter and shorter.

Beforever equals bright and bold colors. Long sleeve twin set paired with a patterned skirt, changes to a sleeveless dress.

From pattern print, high collar and long sleeves to short sleeves, lace and frills.

Simplistic long sleeve dress changes to a short sleeved, open neck dress in bright cobalt blue.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the NEW Meet Outfits?

*Opening* Kit's Beforever Meet Outfit (Replacement)

Another success story !

Kit's Beforever meet outfit arrive in mint condition, I'm so relieved to have this debacle behind me.

The details of this dress are cute, I didn't even bother looking at the first one because I was disappointed at the rip in the back. It went back into the box and sat by the front door waiting for a replacement.

The pattern is sweet and feminine.

I gotta tell you, the shoes are my favorite part of this outfit! The stitching detail adds more cuteness. As stated in the video, it's unclear whether Kit or Ruthie will wear this....I like the dress overall, but will have to adjust to it (with time) when it comes to my Kit.