Wednesday, May 25, 2016

*NEWS* American Girl Headed to 40K SF in Rockefeller Center [Updated]

Link courtesy Madelon

American Girl Headed to 40K SF in Rockefeller Center [Updated]

American Girl, the pricey brand that sells dolls at $115 a pop, is headed to Rockefeller Center from a nearby location on Fifth Avenue. 

The retailer has signed a 40,000-square-foot lease to relocate its flagship store to RXR Realty’s 75 Rockefeller Plaza, according to a press release from the Wisconsin-based toy company. That space will be on two levels of the 623,000-square-foot building between Avenue of the Americas and Fifth Avenue. Neither the asking rent nor the length of the lease was immediately available. The lease is for 15 years, according to a spokeswoman for the doll-maker. 

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*FEATURE* Wonderland - Table Top Accessories

Shop your doll closet! 
Pull out anything colorful that can be used, for example:
  • tea sets
  • mugs, glasses
  • dishware
  • table cloths, napkins
  • centerpieces
  • lamps, lanterns
  • hats

What table will you use? Will you use more than one??
Don't have a's a quick and EASY table tutorial.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

*NEWS* Save 50% on Grandma Sunday Doll - Ginger Brook Hollow

In celebration of Memorial Day and all of you who have fond memories of your grandmothers and other loved ones, we are offering a special sale this week (May 23 - May 28). Grandma Sunday will be 50% off with free shipping. That is a huge bargain as shipping her can be expensive. Your price will be only $150.00

We are having a special offer until the end of May, the purchase of this doll includes one of our 17" orphans for free. Please specify which one you want in the comments section when you make your purchase. All Ginger Brook Hollow™ dolls are created with high quality and artistry to make them collectible keepsakes. They are also made to be enjoyed and played with by those who are old enough to care for a quality doll. We have combined these qualities so that they can be shared by many ages together. It is our wish that with our dolls, stories, and activities, memories can be made and relationships strengthened so that even if they are put away for a time, when they are rediscovered, they will bring to mind happy seasons shared with friends and loved ones.

You can either call customer service to order between 9am and 5pm on Monday through Saturday, or you can order from our web site

*In Store Report* My Life As... Swim Suit Collection

The new bathing suit sets at Wal-Mart. $9.97 each


*FEATURE* Wonderland - Setting the Scene

Backdrops are fun to make. If you already have an AG backdrop to use, you may choose to skip this project.

  • Tri-fold presentation board
  • Scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or fabric
  • Glue Stick
  • Stapler
  • Misc: flowers, greenery, butterflies, birds, etc 

  1. Cover your tri-fold board in decorative papers or fabric, gluing down the edges then stapling close to the edge as possible.
  2. Be sure to line up pattern seams, gluing into place to avoid shifting.
  3. Add "filler" by placing greenery, floral and nature items. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

*NEWS* First LOOK at WellieWishers Book Series

Credit: American Girl


New! The Riddle of the Robin $5.99

by Valerie Tripp
A robin has moved into the garden, and the WellieWishers couldn’t be more excited! As they care for the robin, they learn new things about what birds like to do and eat. But one day, the robin disappears! Will the girls be able to find the robin and his secret? Animal-lover Willa is on the case!

This story tells how Willa learns to take lead and that things are not always what they seem! Includes fun activities for girls and parents to do together.
Credit: American Girl

Credit: American Girl


New! Ashlyn’s Unsurprise Party $5.99

by Valerie Tripp
When Camille loses two teeth in one day, Ashlyn decides to cheer up her friend by throwing a party. The party is meant to be a secret so the other WellieWishers will be surprised too, but a rainstorm and other woes are on the horizon! Will Ashlyn accept help from her friends in order to get everything done?

This story tells how Ashlyn learns to rely on others and that good friends can be the best surprise of all! Includes fun activities for girls and parents to do together.
Credit: American Girl

Credit: American Girl

Credit: American Girl


New! The Muddily-Puddily Show $5.99

by Valerie Tripp
The WellieWishers are putting on a show, and Emerson is in charge! There are lots of good ideas – but some need work. Ashlyn can’t see inside her pumpkin costume, Willa has a touch of stage-fright, and Kendall has no idea how to make weather effects onstage! Will Emerson learn to take direction so the show can go on?

This story tells how Emerson learns to listen and that by working together, everyone can shine! Includes fun activities for girls and parents to do together.

Available September 2016.

*REVIEW* Felicity's Holiday Gala Gown

  Felicity Merriman is one of the newest additions to my doll family. I just received this Gala Gown for Felicity.

  I didn't care for it much in the American Girl Catalog, but decided to get it anyway.  I am sooo glad that I did.  It is  so beautiful!!!  The colors are so rich! 

I like it even more that her Holiday Gown, which seems a little big at her waist.  Now, I need to find the historical shoes to match. 

*FEATURE* Wonderland Theme

If you're a lover of anything whimsical, magical and imaginative then you are more than likely a fan of Wonderland! The vivid colors, abstract themes and fun characters make it a unique place to explore.

Alice was my first dramatic role at age nine and my first Madame Alexander doll, so Wonderland has always been a special place for me.

These are some of the craft projects we made for a party a few years ago when I had my Princess Party biz. This was an Alice themed Mad Tea Party at a local orphanage, we had 20 kids (boys and girls) in attendance. The staff got into the fun and dressed up a little as well. 90 minutes of FUN!

These projects can be scaled down to size of course, "Black Ace" and "Red Mr. Three" were made from poster boards....doll size would require 3x5 note cards. And don't forget to incorporate a real deck of cards.

Artificial flowers with googly eyes...these are red roses of course. "Painting the roses red...."

Crazy direction signs!

A clock or many different clocks in several colors using numbers and roman numerals.

 I painted all of the decorations you see here, but you can print characters from google and size them to doll scale.

Over the next week LADL will feature Wonderland inspired craft ideas, DIY projects and wrap it all up with a Wonderland Tea party.