Saturday, August 30, 2014

*NEWS* BEFOREVER Addy - Debacle or Deception?

How did I NOT SEE this before????

A small number of the AG stores are displaying BF Addy, but selling classic Addy on the floor. Apparently shipments were slow???? Hmmm...

St. Louis is displaying classic Addy (lined brows) dressed in the new BF Meet outfit and hairstyle set. 

The St.Louis store told customers that they would get a shipment of BF Addy dolls in OCTOBER!

Wouldn't it be better to post a sign alerting customers? Even if some younger customer don't "know" the differences between classic Addy (line brows) and BF Addy (feathered brows, hair texture), they are BUYING under the false assumption that they're bringing home a NEW BEFOREVER doll!


Here is classic Addy in original cinnamon Meet outfit standing by a classic Addy in BF Meet outfit displayed in Atlanta!

Classic Addy displayed in BF School Outfit

Classic Addy displayed

And what of the differences in the Meet dress?? The stock image has the "floral" motif dress while the online Addy section has a solid dress?? Is that a prototype on the right?

I suggest calling your PS or local store prior to driving down or making a special trip to avoid being disappointed. I would hate for people who have their heart set on BF Addy find that there are none for sale.


For those of you who already BOUGHT Addy - check her brows and hair texture!

ALSO check your BEFOREVER Kit! Make sure her hair is an ANGLED bob and not longer like the classic Kit!

*NEWS* Isaac Mizrahi for Madame Alexander - October 2014

Isaac Mizrahi for Madame Alexander! 

Samantha's One, Two and Three

This is the LAST day of our Samantha month. Revisiting an older POST from last year. Three Samantha's visit this 1906 Victorian house and give us a tour.

I have included more photos previously un-posted to freshen up the look back.


This Samantha belongs to my friend Laurel.


Laurel JLY #13

Clara and the Pram belong to Laurel, all Pleasant Company.

All three are Pleasant Company: My white body Samantha with Laurel's tan body and 1995 mini Samantha.

Me with Laurel on our photo shoot!

*NEWS* First Look BEFOREVER Catalog

 My mom got the new September BEFOREVER catalog today in the mail. I asked her to take pictures for me - she did using her cell phone.

The cover welcomes back Samantha.

The cover also opens out into a BEFOREVER poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The catalog is about 40 pages.

On the back is the ad for PROJECT RUNWAY

I checked and the new BEFOREVER catalog hasn't uploaded online yet.

Thank you mom for the photos!