Sunday, March 1, 2015

HTM Doll Popcorn - Doll Food Series

Over the next few weeks we will be covering a new series on Doll Food. We will learn to make different fun food items for your diner, bakery, school lunches and parties.


In a previous post, Sissy showed us how to make popcorn using packing peanuts coated in yellow paint. 


Shelly has made her own popcorn and popcorn display. 

You've seen Linda's amazing thrifty popcorn machine find.


 Printable Template

Linda used a Styrofoam block and broke it up.  She colored the Styrofoam with a yellow highlighter. 

Have a great DIY? Send in your amazing doll food creations!

*International Collectors* AMAZING La Patisserie (Canada)

I have been following your blog for a few months now and I love it.
Encouraged by the many great projects made by your followers I thought I would try my hand at it.  I have to admit that this is my first AG project, but that I am not new to crafting.  I am a retired grandmother and officially a senior now, but I have been crafting and sewing pretty much all of my life.

I hope you like the following photos of La Pâtisserie.  I made it from a combination of foam core, corrugated cardboard, corrugated plastic and tons of thrift store finds.  It was a huge project… I think quite probably the biggest I have ever undertaken.  My 6 year old grandchild saw it yesterday for the first time and loved it, so every hour spent on it was well worth it.

The front door is all one piece. The glass in the windows is recycled packaging.

The white board beneath the take out window is a table top that fits over the sink. everyone needs as much counter space as possible.

 Sorry about the crooked cabinet (a thrift store find that I repainted)… perfect for the little cookie cutters. The sink base, the oven, and the fridge were made from dollar store boxes. All can be pulled out and set up as required.  I made the flour, sugar and milk cartons from paper.  The butter dish (thrift store find) contains butter made from clay & painted. The white shelf (thrift store find) under the window was originally for jewellery. 

Bought the display unit (cardboard snap together) at HomeSense (HomeGoods for you I think).  The pastries I made from salt dough. The cupcakes are a dollar store purchase.  The milk bottle (thrift store again) contains a coating of white paint on the inside.  The pie stand is an egg cup glued to a plate I had in the kitchen.

 I had to add a little Parisienne to the mix so Felicity volunteered to be l’écolière (school girl).  She is wearing a school uniform I made and looks so cute picking up the baguette du jour at Maman’s request.

But la petite Parisienne could not resist taking time out for a croissant!  The little blue pitcher which has 3 matching glasses is another thrift store find.  The bistro table I made from a lamp base and the top of an ordinary cookie tin.  As you can see I have yet to find a bistro chair.

Hope you enjoyed my photos.

*Reader Photos* Rebecca and Baby Lily Rose

I have a reborn doll I've named Lily Rose Camille, and since I can't always be paying attention to her (you know how babies are), I've let my AG girls spend some time "babysitting", and Rebecca seems to be the most attached to her.

I don't have a great camera -- this is just a cheapie cell photo -- but I thought it captured how sweet they are together. I have a close-up photo of my Lily's face.

I will have a reborn boy soon too, and I think the girls will go a little crazy over him. He is completely adorable, with a little baby pout and huge blue eyes. 

I started collecting AG dolls and clothes about a year and a half ago, and then I became a little bit obsessed with getting a reborn baby. Some of them are incredibly cute.  You can't help but smile when you look at her! And of course she has WAY too many baby clothes. (Newborn size). The child has a better wardrobe than I do. 

Dolly on! Laurie

*Reader Photos* A Day at The Movies

Another amazing scene by Linda!

The girls are lined up for snacks before the movie begins.

Caroline loses her footing while talking with the girls...

Oh no! Caroline spilled her popcorn!

*Reader Photos* DIY Dunkin Donuts

Shelly has created her own version of Dunkin Donuts and Chrissa is busy at work!

The food is from both AG and OG, from the My Life As...Snack Cart and a few pieces are erasers.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

*RUMOR* AG Planning New Doll

I have received several emails and reader comments about a newly trademarked name. I typically don't write posts until I have more information. However, due to the influx of questions, I decided to acknowledge everyone's curiosity. 

In July 2014, I saw on social media a person claiming to have insider knowledge state that there was a character in the planning stages who is "disabled and her grandparents live in Italy".

Recently AG Trademarked Gabriela, considered an Italian name

This is of course in the infant stages, characters can take a minimum of three years to plan. This is certainly the beginning of a new character, whether she is a BF character or GOTY is unclear. We will have to keep watching this character develop. 

*REVIEW* 18" Texas Girl Dolls (H-E-B)

Linda has a review of her Texas Girl doll

*Note these dolls are only available at H-E-B during the holidays.

 This is my Texas Girl Doll from H-E-B grocery store.  I bought her several years ago for my young granddaughter who wanted an American Girl Doll.  She was too young for one at the time.  I think the store sold them for $15.00 and I got a $5.00 off coupon for the doll in the mail making her only $10.00! This is her original meet outfit minus one boot that was lost. She can stand by herself, but is now a little wobbly as she has been played with a lot by a small child. 

   She has the thickest hair of any doll that I have ever seen!  It is rooted and so shiny!!!!

 Her hair does not look good in this picture, but it is great!  The pictures don't do her justice.


 Here she is beside an AG doll for comparison.  They are both 18 inch dolls.

AG dolls can wear Texas Girls Shirts and shoes, but not fitted pants.
Texas Girl had extra outfits for $8.00.  I bought the ones with elastic in the waist and they fit fine. (PJ's, Basketball outfit with shoes and ball, hiking shorts outfit) At $8.00 for shirt, shoes, scarf that all my dolls could wear and Texas Girl would wear the shorts.  I also got another cowgirl outfit.

 Caroline is wearing Texas Girl's other cowgirl outfit.  These boots are rubber and I had to cut them down the back.  The boots she came with are like OG boots, faux leather.  Texas Girl is wearing an AG outfit. Nikki is wearing Texas Girl's basketball outfit, ball included.  Gracie, a Jesmar doll is wearing another Texas girl outfit.

 This last picture is of 12" Texas Girl doll.  I saw them in the H-E-B stores Christmas 2013-2014.  I hope they are not replacing the 18" dolls.  I tried to call H-E-B headquarters in San Antonio to find out and haven't heard back from them yet.  Texas Girl dolls have sleepy eyes. The only draw back is that their heads don't turn. I would recommend this doll if all their dolls have the same type of hair that my doll has!!!!