Monday, September 26, 2016

*REVIEW* Rebecca's Winter Coat

I love this coat! It has only one small piece of velcro. There are three working buttons. It doesn't quite look "right" with the bright BF purple hat, it was originally designed to go with her classic black hat and accessories. (Which I don't have).

It is SUPER soft!

The cold winter wind makes Rebecca's cheeks rosy as she walks to and from school, but she can stay toasty warm in this outfit that features:
  • A luxurious black faux-fur coat with decorative buttons, velveteen accents at the cuffs and collar, and a satin belt at the waist
  • A matching faux-fur muff for her hands

I recommend this coat, it's gorgeous with the drop waist and details on the belt.

*Article* A Playful Revue with the American Girls


There’s good news for the generation that adored the American Girl dolls known as Felicity, Kirsten and Molly — all of whom were retired from store shelves over the past six years: Their stories live on, and next month will be center-stage in the Overture Center’s Playhouse Theater.

Felicity, Kirsten and Molly — along with fellow historical characters Kit, Josefina, Addy and Samantha — are the main characters in “The American Girls Revue,” being brought to life Oct. 8-23 by Children’s Theater of Madison.

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Thank you Madelon for the link.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Instagram Doll Community - AGIG-ers

LADL is on Instagram. As part of the AGIG community, I am IMPRESSED with the amazing doll accounts I've seen. I have a variety of favorites for different reasons. Some have awesome photography skills, others have creative doll spaces, unique crafts or OOAK custom dolls. The AGIG community is a great place for news and projects, even giveaway contests.

Here is a list of a some of LADL favorite AGIG-ers. Check back as more are added to the list on the right side bar, LADL is always scouting. 

Doll Clothing Resource

On a budget this holiday? 
Here are several fashion sets for 18" dolls priced under $15.