Thursday, March 23, 2017

*TAMMY'S TRAVELS* Washington - Day Four


Tammy visited the campus of Central Washington University. It was the last day of winter quarter. Students were finishing up finals and gearing up for spring break. Lots of new construction was going on.

While Sydney took her Calculus final, Mrs J and Tammy enjoyed walking around the campus and taking pictures. Tammy found Mrs J's dream bike. 

We visited the science building.

 Looking up is a double helix DNA sculpture made of glass. 

 The mural displays the natural desert fauna here in Central Washington. We are not the rainy PNW, we are irrigated desert.

We visited the Art building.

The sculptures are made of hundreds of hand formed ceramic bowls...They almost look like square octopi. 

We visited the student gallery where student Brock Jensen's​ work is the current exhibit. And we popped into the art room to see the current work...It was awesome!


We also visited the tranquil Japanese garden. 


 Getting a picture with the sitting bull statue is a must do! It's quirky and caused more than a few raised brows because he's anatomically correct.

Lastly, we visited downtown Ellensburg.  We included a photo of Sydney's favorite building. There is so much great architecture, art galleries, murals, and various statues to discover all around town. It started to rain so it cut our fun short, but hope you enjoyed what we did capture today.

OG Arizona and AG Tenney Share Clothes

Our Generation Arizona share her clothes with Tenney.

Denim top and lacy skirt remind me of Tenney's picnic outfit.

The hat would be cute for the beach.

My Tenney has a 2014 body copyright tag.

Here, Tenney wears the dress and hat.

Tenney wears her own shoes.

I think she looks cute.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

*NEWS* Ivy & Julie 1976 MOVIE

*TAMMY'S TRAVELS* Washington - Day Three

Happy St Patrick's Day! Gracey was so excited to have breakfast with Tammy.

 Green shakes and fruit tarts served on gold coin plates...lucky and yummy. 

 The girls had a lovely time getting to know each other and time flew by. It was time for Tammy to leave and join Mrs J on the days next adventure.