Friday, July 31, 2015

*Review* OG RV Seeing You Camping Food Set

My modern dolls need FOOD (especially Samuel) and I finally found this set. It hasn't really been a regularly stocked item for a while.

I'm creating a community kitchen and living space for all eight dolls. Saige still has her casa, but when she visits the other dolls, there needs to be a go to place to meet with friends. 

This is a nice value for the price $16.99.

I am not too impressed with this set. Simply because I have seen etsy shops stocking quality handmade doll food. I already have similar plates and cups.

The cookware is cute, but I have similar quality iron cookware from the Dollar Tree.

The sandwiches are plastic triangles....they lack realistic detail to match the hot dog and hamburger. The PB&J jars do not have labels.

The food is "cute", but again I have seen better quality from etsy shops.

I have a lot of boxed food from a $5 set from the Dollar General. 
My over all impression of this set is again, a lot of pieces for the price, but the quality isn't consistent and I have found better quality and detailed food items on etsy.

*Opening* New Doll House Refrigerator

I'm working on community living spaces for my modern dolls. My friend Shelly was downsizing her collection and just "happen" to have a white refrigerator! 

It's a Fisher Price sturdy plastic white side by side with a working water dispenser in the left door, lots of interior shelves.

It stands 15" and I just love it! The finger paintings are permanent on the door exterior and add a cute touch. I'll be working on more appliances.....

*Opening Video*

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Where's Willow? Loire Valley (Day 11)

Willow visits the Loire Valley.

When mature these grapes will be made into wine at a local winery in Amboise.

NEW Journey Girls 2015 Italy Holiday Doll

During a dream-come-true trip to Italy, Giovanna meets the Journey Girls- and they become instant BFFs! The girls celebrate a night of dancing and fine Italian dining at a magical holiday gala. Here, Giovanna shows off her style in a stunning crimson gown with shimmering jewels and accessories!

*In Store Report* Journey Girls Fall 2015 - Toys R Us

Diana has a great in store report for us of the Journey Girls fall releases.

The Journey Girls 2015 Fall Paris release all dressed in new outfits.  Missing is Dana who was not on the shelf.

New play accessories, all made out of plastic. The desk set has chalk to write on the black board.

The camp fire lights up.

The Ski and board set includes the clothing that is in the picture.  The other sets do not include the clothing.

New pet beds and carrier, the new pets are not out, but looks like a cat is on the way.

New furniture for the JG girls. The are made out of compressed wood like the other pieces in the collection.

  Bath tub is plastic and has a lot of room inside.

Outfits for the casual look as well as ballet and gym sets.

This year the Journey girls can have a Pajama Party with three nice sets to wear.

The combo set which has the mix n match pieces.

 Nice Holiday dresses long and short. 

Thanks Diana.

Lydia's Room Reveal - TOUR

Georgian design, which was characterized by an adherence to theories of order, symmetry, and proportion and represented a significant departure from earlier English decorative traditions. The first buildings in the colonies had irregular facades and were essentially postmedieval structures. These small houses often consisted of two simple rooms. The decoration of these rooms reflected the skill of the housewright, who embellished his labor—the house's primary structural timbers—with basic woodworking tools.

Lydia has a large working kitchen with a prep table she can dine at as well.

Her armoire holds her hat, slippers and accessories.

  With the close of the American Revolution, the Georgian period ended, but its impact on design did not. 

I found through much research that blue was a very popular color to paint the trim, doors and a room's paneled dado.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Where's Willow? Paris (Day 10)

On the way back to Paris, Willow stops for a photo shoot at Chateau Chambord, one of the most elegant country homes of several of the kings of France.

Willow and mini Grace cruise the River Seine at night to see the Eiffel Tower in lights.