Sunday, January 25, 2015

American Girl School and Classroom Ideas

Do you have a doll school? We want to see what works for you!
A lot of collectors have schools and classrooms and you can share your classroom ideas with other readers. 

How to projects - Doll lockers, 3-ring binders, Backpacks. School setting - Desks, Gym, Music room, Art class or Science class.

Submit your doll school photos to:

*Reader Photos* OG Coat for Kit

I wanted to also share an OG coat set that I found back in December and I love on Kit. I did not get Kit's coat when it was on sale, but I like this one so I put her in it. This might be a substitute for anyone else who did not get the AG coat in time. My Kit is PC transition, so it is a little snug. 

 CUTE! Thanks Ticia!! 

*Reader Photos* My Life As....Baking Set

Madelon's new Grace has been busy baking. Here she models the My Life As...Baking Set.


*Reader Photos* Two Favorites

Ticia's first Pleasant Company doll is tan body Samantha.

 1993 Addy Walker.

*Reader Photos* Pleasant Company Kirsten

LuluDoll got a Pleasant Company Kirsten for the holidays and she is gorgeous! She also found all of Kirsten's original books while thrifty shopping.