Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where's Willow? - Back at Home in TX

Willow is back home and she arrived with a lot of travel goodies from her visit to West Virginia.

A map of her host state along with travel schedule.

Thank you to Willow's host family in W. Virginia who did an outstanding job hosting.


Willow's itinerary
Nov - Pennsylvania
Dec - Colorado
Jan - Chicago, Illinois
Feb - Phoenix, AZ
March - New Jersey

Willow will be traveling for one year with dates through September 2015. Six lucky participants can book her now!

To book Willow, email SnickerdoodleStreet@yahoo.com

DIY - BOY Doll Costume Ideas

Your BOY dolls can dress up in clothes you already have!
Pirate: black pants, striped t-shirt, boots, vest, eye patch, DIY hat
Mummy: white t-shirt, white shorts, wrap him in surgical gauze
Cowboy: jeans, western shirt, vest, western boots, cowboy hat
Policeman: black or navy blue pants and shirt, Dollar Tree badge, DIY hat.

I used these at the lake house, but don't leave them on too long or the adhesive will stain your doll's skin.

For $1.00 investment if you know how to sew/alter clothing your 

boy doll can have a military vest.

Monday, October 20, 2014

*Winner* Frozen Elsa 18" Doll Costume

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Congratulations Jazz!

Samantha's Frilly Frock High Tops - Wear Your Own Pair!!

Just because the "BUZZ"of the Frilly Frock boots has died down doesn't mean that I'm not still obsessed!!!

Ye Olde Fashion

Order a pair for your self!
Victorian Trading
Miss L Fire



Have you ordered Samantha's Frilly Frock yet??

*Reader Photos* Project Runway at AGPC

 Michele shares about her trip to AGPC.

 "My girlfriend and I went to the Chicago store to see the Project Runway exhibit and it is well worth going to see.  They had 6 of the 7 outfits.  It was fun to see the workmanship, detail not shown on the show and it was surprising to see the poor execution of some of the outfits."


"Kini's was the most fun to see and it fits the Holiday dress of Samantha and it is too bad they are not creating those outfits.  

We noticed that the new Samantha's hair is much darker than the original.  The quality has improved on a lot of the accessories, but some of the dresses could not hold up to normal wear and tear as the fabric was thin or flimsy.  It seemed that Caroline and Isabelle's clothes were the worst.  Other outfits the quality of the fabrics and trims were up to the old standards before Mattel. (Samantha's Holiday dress and Addy's school dress)."

 "It is leaving Chicago tonight check the web site for the next location but it was really fun to see up close."   

DIY - Doll-O-Ween Fairy Costume

Make your own fairy costume! 

  • Tulle skirt
  • Tank top or bathing suit you already own
  • NOLA Fairy Wings, Dollar Tree wings or make your own wings - thin cardboard
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter felt or foam sheets

 Make your own wings from cardboard and cover in glitter foam sheets or glitter felt.

You can pin or tie with ribbon the wings onto your doll's top.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

*Reader Photos* "Beauty" OG Horse

Heather sent in photos of a gorgeous white horse that she gave to her Saige!!!

"I found this horse at a garage sale for $3."

"I think that it is from Our Generation. It is kind of damaged, but still pretty. I call her Beauty."

"If this horse was from Our Generation, it sells for $34.99 at Target. I am so happy that I got it for a bargain price!"

Stop by Heather's adorable doll blog Doll Daydreams!

*Reader Photos* Linda's Horses

My Life As...horse is on the left with saddle. Date on tag is 2012.  Paradise horse on right dated 2009.  It probably came with a saddle as well, but we can't find it.  


  Paradise horse has wire in ears so you can change position.
Otherwise both horses are just about the same. Both made in China.