Thursday, November 27, 2014

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To celebrate BLACK FRIDAY we are giving ALL of our Bonnie & Pearl family 20% OFF on 2 selected outfits (Floral Dungarees and Golf Outfit) for 1 day only to give you a little help in hand towards Christmas!

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*Reader Photos* Happy Thanksgiving

Linda's dolls are having an authentic Thanksgiving gathering.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Decorating LADL Holiday Tree!

This year AG has a light blue, teal, and silver Holiday theme. We adopted the same color scheme!

Our 18" blue tree is decorated in silver and red. The dolls are busy putting the final touches on today.

We have plenty of presents under the tree too! 
You can see the reveal in a few weeks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Armed with a tape measure, pink handbag and lots of style, her doll will be ready to triumph in the fashion design world.
  • Fits our 17–18" dolls.
  • Outfit is made of cotton, polyester, acrylic and plastic.
  • Five-piece set includes vest, shirt, pants, shoes and bag.
  • Doll sold separately.

In his letterman jacket, Parker is dressed for all kinds of outings and adventures, and is a loyal companion to your child. This collectible-quality doll has been made exclusively for us by Götz, a doll manufacturer that traces its roots to the small village of Rödental in Bavaria, Germany.
  • 18.5" high
  • Doll has blushed cheeks, life-like eyelashes and eyes that close.
  • Each of our dolls has long hair that can be washed, styled and brushed.
  • The doll’s arms and legs can be moved up and down.
  • Includes doll, hat, jacket, shirt, pants and shoes.
  • Ages 3 and up.

Excitement will be in the air when your little one dresses her doll for a day at the ice rink. Our stunning outfit includes a Nordic-style knit cap, a warm puffy jacket, a tulle skirt and silver-toned skates.
  • Fits our 17–18" dolls.
  • Outfit is made of cotton, polyester, acrylic and plastic.
  • Six-piece set includes jacket, hat, shirt, skirt, tights and skater shoes.
  • Doll sold separately.
  • Imported.

This sweet ride is a must-have for her favorite friend. Sized to fit our 18-inch dolls, it provides kids lots of imaginative play.
  • 26" long x 14" wide x 12.5" high
  • Fits 18" dolls.
  • Expertly crafted of MDF and wood.
  • Ages 3 and up.

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Doll Rescue - Uneeda High Heel Fashion Doll (1958 - 60)

I love vintage dolls.

Madame Alexander's Cissy is one of my favorites. Many companies tried to create their own "Cissy": Ideal's Miss Revlon, there was also "Toni" and "Candy". 

I found this Uneeda 2S marked doll.

She had a dirty face and unkempt hair. 

“UNEEDA/2S” on the back of her head.

Obviously she has been re-wigged, these dolls always have rooted short hair. Her nails are unpainted. Sadly she was sold without clothes, which is disappointing because some of the vintage fashions are so pretty. 

Luckily the re-sale shop had a basket full of clothes, mostly baby doll styles, but i found this red dress (which was probably hers, but got removed.)

Wards catalog

The earlier versions had 16 points of articulation! Jointed at the wrists, elbows, biceps, shoulders, waist, hips, knees, and ankles. 

Uneeda used the same head mold, marked "Uneeda 2s", on their non-articulated, 18" fashion dolls as well. A number of hair colors and styles and face paint that were not available on the 20" Dollikin body can be found on the fashion dolls bearing the same head molds. It is not known what years or for how long these straight-legged, hard plastic fashion dolls were produced. - wikipedia

 1958-1960s Uneeda High Heel Fashion doll, 20" hard plastic jointed (six joints) body at the neck, shoulder, waist and hips, vinyl head with rooted hair in various colors and styles, sleep eyes, real eyelashes, painted bow mouth, high heel feet, dressed in various outfits from the current era, brides, day wear, casual and formal gowns.  Same head mold as Dollikin, marked Uneeda 2S. scour ebay for vintage clothes and shoes. *sigh*