Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adding Onto My Doll Room

My Doll Room is E X P A N D I N G  
^ Upward^
 Adding another level!!

Sissy and Sam are getting their own rooms YAY! 
I know they're happy. 

That means moving the south wall up one level:
Samantha & Nellie
Sissy & Sam

Sissy loves pink and purple, dolls, coloring and sweets.
Sam loves blue and green, dinosaurs, skateboards and eating.

Their bedrooms will reflect their likes, but space is limited! In fact there's barely room for a bed and desk - or - nightstand. So the walls will have a lot of decoration to add personality.

Stay close for updates.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

*NEWS* BEFOREVER Meet Outfits SOLD Separately

It took some digging, but I found the post on AG Facebook that BEFOREVER Meet outfits WILL BE OFFERED for separate purchase for a limited time. Make plans to buy at the launch!

Go Behind the Scenes of the Isabelle Movie


*Opening* + Review Retired Dresses for Addy

As you know when I got my Pleasant Company Addy she arrived in her retired birthday dress. I needed to get her Meet dress and accessories. I ordered her accessories direct from AG in a large order, (using the free shipping code).

I found a great deal on eBay for her 1993 prototype meet dress. From what I understand the prototype dress was shown on Addy in a "sneak peek" catalog that came out just before Addy was officially released 1993. 

I really love the mauve color.


I have wanted her Patriotic Party dress for some time. The one I bought didn't come with the sash.
My next purchase for Addy will be her Sunday Best and I hope to find her quilt at a good price. 

My dream would be to get her trunk.

*NEWS* Isabelle Movie - Disney Channel August 9th


Sunday, July 20, 2014

*Readers Photos* AGP Chicago Part Two (Historicals) LOTS of Photos

Here is part two of this amazing shopping excursion to AGP Chicago! All photos sent to me from Shelly, of Shelly's Doll World. There were so many great photos I wanted to be sure readers could enjoy them by category. There are 22 photos here as we visit the historical character sections.

So happy to see the VW still displayed! And with IVY DRIVING!! (Beep beep)

I am in love with these life size display windows!!! Happy that Molly's is featured.

Kaya's display is so beautiful!

 I can't believe this life size skiff!


*Reader Photos* AGP Chicago Part One (MyAG) LOTS of Photos

American Girl opened its first flagship store, AG Place, in Chicago in 1998. 

Shelly, of Shelly's Doll World visited the store and sent me amazing photos! In fact she took pictures of every nook and cranny I had to divide the posts into two categories: MyAG/ new releases and Historical character. There are 28 photos here so enjoy!! Thank you so much Shelly!!

 New Releases