Friday, October 21, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Shoes Looking Lacy!

MELODY IS LOOKING FABULOUS IS THIS Target Our Generation Outfit from a while back. 

We got ride of the shoes it can with and replaced with our new shoes from OG, which Hope-Faith's Daddy got her today. The shoes are perfection in every way. Regular priced $6.99 on sale this week for $6.29. We rate them perfect 100% they were worth pleading with Daddy to pick-up. He of course said our dolls already have lots of shoes.

 Everyday is a good day with American Girl Doll Melody.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

*NEWS* Pre-Order Your Modern Girls Maya & Nisha - A Girl for All Time

Please note that this is a limited Kickstarter First edition and is an advanced pre-order. Goods will be delivered to you between mid December 2016 and mid January 2017. We do not *guarantee* Christmas delivery but will do our best to get goods delivered as possible. 

Hi, my name’s Nisha. Maya is my best mate. I’m twelve and my starsign’s Cancer. My birthday is on July 6th. I drive my parents crazy cos I sing all the time. Maya and I are going to start a band some day. I love vintage clothes - especially things from the 1980s, which I collect from charity shops and I love taking photographs with real film...'
Nisha comes dressed in a gorgeous skater dress with a ruffled hem, white tights, and beautifully constructed lace up boots.

 Hi, my name’s Maya. I’m twelve and my starsign's Aries. My birthday is on april 20th. I love my skateboard and playing guitar.  I’m learning bass.. and me and my friends, we’re going to be in a band very soon.  Nisha says I dress like a boy but I don't care. I don't want to wear stuff I cant climb a tree in or fall off my skateboard in...'
Maya comes dressed in denim dungarees with a stripey Breton t-shirt with snaps on the back, and gorgeous black lace up boots. 

*REVIEW* OG Retro Summer Spectacular Outfit

The top buttons and would look great with jeans.

The cat purse could be used for Halloween.

The shorts are polyester and a little tight on Maryellen. 

I put them on a My Life As doll and they fit better. 

Cute shoes!


*Makeover* 18" Madame Alexander Rescue

Found this little girl for $3. She is a 2004 Madame Alexander.

Her hair cleaned up very well. MA dolls have luxuriously soft rooted hair.

Ready for her new home/owner. 

She will make some little girl very happy.