Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Boy Dolls

When I downsized my collection (I was up to 52 dolls!!) I sold my boy dolls except for Bitty Twin Sam II.

Journey Girl Transformation
Battat Boys

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MyAG #59 and #60

Beautiful photos from AGP Atlanta

Number Chart for JLY and MyAG

 I get a lot of questions on how to find the number of a particular JLY or MyAG doll.

This is a great reference chart from American Girl Wiki.

*NEWS* AG Endangered Items List (Rumors)

We interrupt this little blog for some important AG news.....

I was away from my email most of the day, but finally got around to check it. My inbox had a small list from a source who wishes to remain anonymous.

AGPS list of (possible) endangered items:

Ice cream set
Winter coat 

Winter accessories

Birthday dress
Party Set

Casual outfit 
Hat and scarf
Christmas dress

Birthday set


School dress
Riding boots

EVERYTHING including dolls

Hanukkah dress
School dress
White lace dress

The only other doll mentioned in this email in danger of disappearing is Ivy. Predicted not to last through the summer.

It was also stressed that there would NOT be a formal announcement.
As with all information like lists and retirement whispers we should treat this as SPECULATION. We have no concrete evidence, but in past cases these RUMORS have a lot of truth to them. Judge for yourself and buy what you feel you need for your collection.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

*Reader Photos* Molly!!!!

Madelon sends in her adorable photos of Molly in a sweet pastel colored dress and new pinafore!
Happy Birthday!!!

Patent Leather shoes!!!

I love the dragonflies!

(Dress and pinafore EBay)

Doll Stoves You Can Buy

I saw a few great doll size items at the antique shop (I didn't buy anything).


I love this ice cream set for Samantha and Nellie $25.

 And this Windsor desk for Felicity $25.

I saw two (life size) stoves that reminded me of Kit!!! (Priced over $850)

I have two tutorials on HTM doll stoves. 

But if you're looking for something pre-made I have a few suggestions. Of course eBay is a good source for searching out stoves...

 Stove Della Robbia for 18" American Girl


Stove Dutch Tiles for 18" American Girl Doll

Electronic Stove fits 18" American Girl Doll


1973 Betty Crocker Easy Bake Oven  

Happy Birthday Molly!

Hurray! It's Molly's birthday today!
  Wishing you a birthday that's as fabulous as you are!

Monday, April 21, 2014

*Reader Photos* Felicity!!!!!!

Today is Felicity's birthday and these gorgeous photos from Madelon pay tribute to our beloved cinnamon haired girl!!!