Wednesday, October 22, 2014

*RUMOR* 2014 LE Holiday Gala Dress

 Rumor is there will be a 2014 Holiday Gala dress. 

Last year we saw the $72 Merry and Bright LE dress in stores. 

This year the dress is rumored to have a gold bodice and red skirt. The LE set includes shoes, purse and crown. $72.00
Launching Nov 20.

*Reader Photos* Happy Birthday to Caroline

Madelon's Caroline's celebrates her birthday in her skiff!

"I purchased this handmade dress a few years ago. The dress feels like taffeta, it ties in the back and has puffy sleeves."

"Caroline goes for a birthday ride in her skiff."

"We don't have Caroline's nightgown so I used an antique one."

SALE - Journey Girl Dolls

 I really love this little dress.

Cute for the holidays!

Another holiday dress!

I love these fashion packs $31. 
Sissy got one last year and wears all of the clothes, even the rubber shoes.

My DIY Doll-O-Ween Costumes

This year my modern dolls are dressing up.

Sissy is a fairy this year. Simple bathing suit with sparkling skirt.

Saige is Ariel. I made her skirt from felt, trimmed it in rick rack and it ties around with a ribbon. Her top is made using a glitter foam sheet.

Candace is dressed for a Masquerade Ball. She borrowed Felicity's gown.

Kaylee is a ballerina.
My boys are dressing up too! 
I used the mustaches at the lake house. Caution: don't leave these on your doll too long or the adhesive will stain your doll's skin.

Sam is a cowboy. He wears basic jeans and borrowed Molly's western shirt. I embellished a basic hat from Hobby Lobby.

 Derek is Sherlock Holmes. He wears his own pants and shirt, but borrowed Samantha's Cape and gaiters. The cap is from Hobby Lobby. I still have to make his pipe.

Happy Birthday Caroline

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

*News* 2015 GOTY Not "Coco" - Her Name is Grace

courtesy:AG Doll Play &  LC Online

Where's Willow? - Back at Home in TX

Willow is back home and she arrived with a lot of travel goodies from her visit to West Virginia.

A map of her host state along with travel schedule.

Thank you to Willow's host family in W. Virginia who did an outstanding job hosting.


Willow's itinerary
Nov - Pennsylvania
Dec - Colorado
Jan - Chicago, Illinois
Feb - Phoenix, AZ
March - New Jersey

Willow will be traveling for one year with dates through September 2015. Six lucky participants can book her now!

To book Willow, email

DIY - BOY Doll Costume Ideas

Your BOY dolls can dress up in clothes you already have!
Pirate: black pants, striped t-shirt, boots, vest, eye patch, DIY hat
Mummy: white t-shirt, white shorts, wrap him in surgical gauze
Cowboy: jeans, western shirt, vest, western boots, cowboy hat
Policeman: black or navy blue pants and shirt, Dollar Tree badge, DIY hat.

I used these at the lake house, but don't leave them on too long or the adhesive will stain your doll's skin.

For $1.00 investment if you know how to sew/alter clothing your 

boy doll can have a military vest.