Friday, July 3, 2015

Where's Willow? Lexington, VA (Day 2)

Today we took Willow to the Drive-in!

Jenna's dad runs a Drive-in called Hull's Drive-in! Tonight we are watching Inside Out and Tomorrowland under the stars! 

Willow got to see the projection room, she got to see how the movies are downloaded and started up. 

She also got to see our cool Inside Out popcorn tubs which are big enough for her to stand in! She loves the smell of the yummy popcorn popping! 

 This map is a map of the Drive-ins that are in Virginia and Maryland! 

Willow is sad that she won't be here next weekend when we show Minions but she was very happy to see Inside Out and Tomorrowland and got to see a Drive-in movie!

Willow got to see how the concession stand runs and help make some popcorn!  

She got to meet our cashier named Keely and watch the hot dogs on the roller and shared a hot dog with Jenna, with mustard of course! 

AG Truly Me Design Studio (Video)

Back in May, at the Truly Me launch, Mickey brought us an a amazing In Store Report of the Truly Me Design Studio from Chicago. She and her daughter were able to make their own designs. In her report she lists pricing and shows the various design option screens.

AG now has a video showing how this process works. Keep in mind this is only available at the NYC, LA and Chicago stores.

Style Lab "Fashion Angel" Watches at Michaels

I saw these at Michael's today and noticed that they not only looked like the AG ones, but were the same Fashion Angel brand. I noticed that the brand is based about of Wisconsin, same as AG. I though it was interesting and I wanted to share it with you- maybe others would find it interesting as well.

*Reader Photos* Vintage 1947 Five and Dime

This five and dime opened in 1947 in Cape May.

Molly in a vintage yellow and white dress

4th of July Party Decor - Week 5

Planning a party, parade or picnic for your dolls can be super fun. A great time to get creative. Let Miss Victory inspire you!

Paper chains are easy to make and add so much COLOR!


Bring out all of your doll food (hot dogs, burgers, hot dogs, fries, popcorn, sponge cake, snow cones, cotton candy, ice cream, and sodas for an amazing buffet table. Don't forget to set up the grill!

This is a photo from last year's parade!

The bike is decorated in curling ribbon, crepe paper, stars, flowers and has an American Flag on the basket.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

*NEWS* MCM Benefit Sale - July 18 & 19



Where's Willow - Lexington, VA (Day 1)

Willow arrived safe and sound, ready to meet some new friends and see some great sights in Lexington, Virginia! Miss Jenna was very excited to have Willow visiting and quickly introduced her to her doll Alyssa. 

On Day 1, we took a little drive and decided to visit the VMI Museum! VMI stands for Virginia Military Institute, which is a Military College here in Lexington! Willow got to learn all about VMI. 

She got to see what the Barracks rooms look like TODAY and what they looked like many years ago. She got to see several different uniforms over the past several decades.

She even got to see General Stonewall Jackson's horse! His name is Little Sorrel and he is forever on display in the Museum! 

We also showed Willow around VMI and took some pictures.  Jenna's Daddy runs a Drive-in movie theater, and it's showing movies tomorrow! Willow seems excited to see how things work at the Drive-in!

*In Store Report* AG Oshkosh Outlet

Rina has an update from the Oshkosh Outlet.
Not a lot of new items, but they were selling classic Kit, Rebecca and Kaya dolls and still had Julie as well $80.00. 

AG Doll stand $16.00 and Kit's Classic purse $1.00.

Isabelle's Makeup Set $13.00

Isabelle's Kitten $11.00

Saige T-shirts (Doll) $1.00

Tote and Gear $7.00

Garnet $18.00

Dress $10. Guitar $20.00

Rebecca's Seashore Set $48.00

Julie's car wash set $220.00.

Kaya's teepee for $50.00!

Cover of the new July Catalog....
 I was just looking trough the new catalog and on page 37 - Rebecca's sideboard is shown for $130. I find this odd because it has been on the last chance sale online for $60 and is still on sale online right now.