Monday, June 26, 2017

International Giveaway! *Extended*

I have extended the giveaway contest for international collectors so more entries could be taken.

  • Must have parents permission
  • NO USA Entries
  • Leave your name/country in comment section below.

 Drawing July 2.
Good luck!

*Open Letter to LADL Readers*

I have received so many AMAZING emails from readers. First let me say thank you to all who reached out, some of your emails moved me to tears. This community is a small one, but a very special one!! I have answered each individual email, but would also like to address all of LADL readers.

It has been a tough decision, ending LADL. For five years (September) this little blog has kept me motivated, inspired me and allowed me to make lots of friends around the world. Downsizing was easy at first, I will admit it becomes more difficult as time goes by. It's not that I am so "attached" to the dolls and their collection themselves, it's more the memories and what the dolls have meant to me during a difficult time in my life.

Life has it's ups and downs. Change is inevitable. Since LADL began, my life has undergone several serious changes. I know a lot of you have your own struggles and challenges, so I will be candid here. LADL was a creative outlet yes, but a bright spot in my life as my marriage began to face difficulty. This community kept me going during my two year separation, then carried me through as a source of strength during my divorce.

I don't pretend to be bullet proof, there has been (little) negativity and personal attack towards my integrity in the past. As with any social media, once you "put yourself out there" you are an easy target. MANY of you rallied around me, refusing to believe the gossip, and I will never forget that.   

I have tried very hard to create a place for the doll community that includes ALL ages. A place where collectors and enthusiast can share ideas, feelings and excitement over this beloved hobby. No one is excluded from LADL based on age, race, religion or social background. We meet here daily, 24/7 from around the globe. 

My personal reasons for downsizing are numerous! But I will clue you in on a few....I'm in a transition, I believe God is calling me to walk down a different path during this moment of my life, there are many other things I am eager to explore, to grow as a person, and I have a fear that LADL will soon become redundant and that's not fair to all of you. (And yes, many of you asked, I'm out of room HAHA!) 

LADL will remain online. All of the reference materials, HTM/DIY tutorials, reviews, photo stories, on location and in store reports can be reference any time.

We have six months remaining to share doll news. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Send in photos of what your dolls are doing, we would love to see!!

*REVIEW* Truly Me #67

A beautiful doll with permapanties.

My Gabriela, Truly Me Gabriela, and No.67

New meet dress without jacket.

Plastic shoes.

Hair is much longer.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

*In Store Report* Truly Me Hotel - AGP Houston

The Hotel was it for us, complete show stopper, once we saw it, we did not care about seeing anything else.

We have a wish list!! We need the Grand American Girl Company Hotel and all the accessories. We rate it fabulous and 100% incredible!

We could not afford it today and don't have a place to fit it. It is a must for someday!! It was worth the drive just to go see it and give it out reviews. It gives you the thrill of a life time. No way has anything dollie ever exceeded this. 

Complementary water for the doll guest, chocolates. Filled Ice Bucket, Q-Tips, Egyptian Cotton looking towels, sheets look like 1000 thread count or better. The bedding looks exquisite, two sided with fabric. It includes windows that open up to a incredible view.