Tuesday, September 30, 2014

*NEWS* AG Opens Oct 3 - HAWAII (Holiday Outfit Sneak Peek)

 Honolulu Family

American Girl opens October 3, 2014 at 
Ala Moana Shopping Center Honolulu, Hawaii.
Thanks to TheAGCollector 101

BOY Doll Room Reveal - Derek

Next door to Candace is Derek's military /super hero room.

Derek's bed is a basic AG hospital box. I made a mattress for him in the same camo fleece that covers his bed.

I made a desk like I did for Sam, but tried making a small desk chair out of card board and the letter H. (LOL)

He has the other half of the bookshelf, as seen in Candace's room, to house his comics books and super heroes.

This blue pencil case serves as storage for his socks and shoes and small accessories.
I hope you like it. I'll post photos of his updated chair once I have finished it.

Room tour VIDEO

New OG Dolls

 Nonna from Mommy's Doll Club shares what she found!!

"The new redhead Retro dolly is named Joy, she is online at Target.com"
"ANOTHER redhead - Ella Grace (she's on my WANT list) Ella Grace is listed and available. OG is definitely competing well with AG this year."

"The other retro - the brunette - is now named as June on Target.com (but not listed on OG).  She is also sold out."


 "Two new AA dolls are out too, Maeva and Anaya (although both look to have the same classic Abrianna face mold)."


DAY 2 - Colorful Paper Bead Necklace - Kaya

Beautiful Kaya!
Now you can make beads to wear like hers.


Be sure to seal your paper beads with a coat of Mod Podge.

Monday, September 29, 2014

*Reader Photo* Linda's Dolls

Linda, my husband and I want to say THANK YOU for this sweet adorable photo and for the kind wishes for our anniversary! What a sweet sentiment to come home to.

Doll Room Reveal - Candace

I finally set up a room for Gotz doll, Candace. She is on the ground floor (next to Derek).

I would love to get the Dreamy Daybed, but had to make one for her immediately out of a basic AG Hospital doll box.  I also made the bedspread and pillows for her. You recognize the OG Shih-Tzu pup and the McDs Happy Meal Barbies. She has a metal locker next to her bed to act as a divider between her space and Derek's.

The table is AG and I painted a basic LED lamp from Dollar Tree. I found this small chest of drawers thrifty shopping; it holds her socks and accessories.

The wall shelf was a larger piece that I asked my hubby to saw in two (Derek's using the other piece). I painted it to match. I love the owl decal from Dollar Tree.

The area rug is a place mat and the walls have been covered with paper that I found at Michael's. Its nice to finally have a contained area for her and her things. I hope you like it.

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DAY 1 - Make Bunting for Doll Spaces

Today is the beginning of TEN days of doll crafts, perfect for rainy days or birthday parties.

Dress up your doll's room and doll spaces!