Wednesday, July 30, 2014

18th Century Doll Clothing *Resource*

My little Felicity is a lot of fun, her wardrobe is entirely Pleasant Company though I do not have ALL of her outfits.

I'm not a "purist", if I see something I really like I'll get it for my dolls. I found a beautiful etsy shop with gorgeously detailed clothing for Felicity and I wanted to pass the resource on to you.

Creations from Williamsburg Rose©, while made for play value, are based on real 18th century clothing in their construction and trimming. Real silks, satins, linen, laces and passementarie (fancy trims) are used to create beautiful and well-made doll clothes that will last for play and display.

Each of our especially color co-ordinated collections has its own unique character and style, including a variety of clothing and accessories highlighting fashions of the 18th century.

From a Daytime outfit to an elegant Ball Gown, each one-of-a-kind wardrobe comes complete with a matching assortment of accessories, from shoes to caps. No two collections will ever be made the same - each is an exclusive group of fabrics, colors and textures!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

AG Online Chat with Erin Pitt *Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight*

It went quickly but here is what Erin said during the hour long chat.

Favorite quotes - "Everything happens for a reason." -Erin
  Anna Hart is not a real school, but I do go to a performing arts school in real life. -Erin

The questions were VERY random - so here goes! 


*Reader Photos* Tea Set Find

"I know you love tea sets and wanted to share this set I found at Goodwill."

"It is only missing 1 fork and includes napkins. I love the wicker case."

I love this set, I never see these while thrifty shopping. You really have had great luck finding beautiful tea sets! Thank you Fawn.

*Reader Photos* Doll Clothes Storage Craft

Jessica sends in a craft project she made for her dolls.


"Hi! I hope you are enjoying your summer. I've been enjoying the Living a Doll's life post and thank you for always keeping us up to date on BeForever. I have made a lot of doll crafts I wanted to share with you. 

My first one is a Doll chest. I took a sturdy box and cut the side flaps off. Then I covered the box in scrapbooking paper that looked like wood. 

After that, I added a bead with hot glue to look like a handle. Finally, I put a small piece of velcro behind the area where the bead is to keep the box securely closed. The velcro also helps keep the bead from falling off. 

The box actually holds quite a bit of clothes. It's making a nice chest to keep clothes in while the dolls are at camp.

Isabelle Movie Night at the Grove, Los Angeles

We had so much fun last week with American Girl at their screening of the 2014 Girl of the Year movie, Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight. Girls enjoyed pre-movie crafting and fun with Radio Disney in The Park.

Don't forget to watch Isabelle's movie on Disney!

18" Doll Clothes Patterns

I know I have readers who are seamstresses and even budding seamstresses! Here are great resources for making your own beautiful doll clothes. I always try to encourage sewers to make daughters, nieces, grand daughters and friends OOAK doll clothing for holiday gifts. Always so special to receive!

Faithful Friends: Maggie, Beth and Hannah

On the cover are Heidi Ott 19" Faithful Friend dolls. If you have FF dolls you may want  a copy of this gorgeous book.

I have several pattern downloads from this book The Doll's Dressmaker if you want to try your hand at a few before buying the book.

For beginners you may want to try downloading a few patterns from this book Two-Hour Doll Clothes. I have several patterns on the PATTERN page.

Monday, July 28, 2014

*RUMORS* What to Expect with BEFOREVER

Are we EXCITED for the new BEFOREVER dolls or what???????????

I am READY, ALREADY to have it be August 28th!

As the date gets nearer my email inbox gets busier. RUMOR has it the new BEFOREVER historical character dolls : KAYA, CAROLINE, JOSEFINA, ADDY, REBECCA, SAMANTHA, KIT and JULIE will be $115.

RUMOR is Caroline will be getting a new Party Dress.

*NEWS* Mini BEFOREVER Samantha Doll

Here is a leaked photo of the new mini Samantha!
Thanks Mia for the link!