Saturday, August 19, 2017

*On Location* Nellie's Trip to Disneyland

Happiest place on earth!

Nellie is excited to walk down Main Street USA.

Goofy is signing autographs.

Nellie wanted to ride the Disneyland Railroad.

She got lucky, the parade had started down Main Street USA.

Pixie Hollow

With my little brother on Space Mountain.

Friday, August 18, 2017

*NEWS* AG Introduces New Doll with Hawaii Storyline

The popular American Girl doll universe will say “aloha” Monday to its newest member: a 9-year-old Hawaiian girl Nanea Mitchell who is growing up on Oahu in 1941.

The 18-inch doll, priced at $115, is part of the Mattel-owned doll company’s BeForever line. It was made from an all-new face mold and has brown skin, hazel eyes and long, dark brown hair. Her wardrobe includes 1940s-era outfits and hula attire. Among the accessories are a wooden family store complete with miniature cans of Spam.

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*REVIEW* AG Doll Hospital - Molly's New Eyes

My WBPC Molly came back from A hospital with new eyes. She had silver eye so to prevent my family from fear of how scary she was starting to look to them, I had to get them replaced. 

I did everything I could to request PC eyes with long brown lashes, but they said only stiff black ones would be put on my doll. I also asked that they not redo her hair or cut it. They honored my request and just placed pink ribbons in her hair instead. They did a great job! 

Here are the comparisons between lashes. GT 9 aka Molly look a like doll has short soft brown lashes. 1990 Samantha has long soft brown lashes and now my WBPC Molly has stiff black lashes. 

Original three back together WBPC Molly, Kirsten and Samantha! We are all happy to just have Molly back...stiff black lashes and all, she is beautiful again!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

*REVIEW* OG Retro Summer Market Outfit

OG retro Summer Market looks so cute on Julie.

The top and shorts are unique and very well made.

The top and shorts are unique and very well made.

Great detail on the top that velcros in the back.

Period appropriate glasses and a bag to carry your purchases.