*Where's Willow?*


Where's Willow?
  Willow will be traveling for one year. 
Willow is BOOKED!

 Willow's itinerary
Oct - West Virginia
Nov - Pennsylvania
Dec - Colorado 
Jan - Chicago
Feb - Phoenix
March - New Jersey 
April - Tennessee 
May - Hawaii 
June - Indiana 
July - Lexington, VA 
*Special Summer Destination* July - France

Hosting Willow :

  • 5 days - that includes first day arrival - 3 days of fun - last day depart. 
  • Paying for priority return shipping (average $14).
  • Emailing photos of her stay for her online travel diary (this blog) to share all of her fun travels with readers.
  • Must be 18+
  • USA only
  • Willow arrives in her travel outfit. If you want to let her borrow clothes during her stay that's fine, but she must return home in her travel outfit. 

I have had the privilege of hosting two dolls. Ruthie Smithens and MyAG #22  Jessica. You can see all of their videos and photos shoots while they were on vacation here in Texas!

My doll Nicki Fleming had a small vacation to AGP Houston

*Note I will not be hosting anymore dolls.