Wednesday, August 2, 2017

*REVIEW* Star Wars Kylo Ren Bear & Stormtrooper - BABW

 The First Order is on the rise, and this dark lord is leading the uprising! The Kylo Ren Bear features the character's iconic mask, hood with cape and the Star Wars™ The Force Awakens logo on the paw pad. $35

Height: 17.0 in
Product Weight: 11.0 oz
Eye Color: black
Fur Color: black

Protect the Empire with your very own exclusive Stormtrooper™ Bear. This collectible Star Wars bear has white fur with black accents. As a soldier of the Galactic Empire, this bear is ready for exciting adventures with you. Personalize it by adding Star Wars sounds and accessories to make the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan

Height: 17.0 in
Product Weight: 10.0 oz
Eye Color: Black
Fur Color: White
There are red and blue light sabers within the collection $12 each and boba fett blasters $10 and stormtrooper blasters $12.

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  1. BABW is so addictive. Sometimes I think the kids would be happy to just restuff their toys again and again.