Sunday, August 13, 2017

*NEWS* Chad™ Mini Pal - Maru and Friends

Chad™ Mini Pal an adorable cutie. Chad™ joins our gang of 13-inch dolls showing-off his baby-blue eyes and brownish sun-kissed hair. Styling a red, white and blue gingham shirt over his hot blue jeans and grey canvas shoes!

The cool kid on the block will have collectors and girls of all ages.
Falling in love again and again.

Chad, the first and only boy in this limited edition collection.
Sculpted by the award-winning master doll artist Dianna Effner. Limited Edition 1500 dolls

Certificate of authenticity included. 


  1. Our local doll shop has this line, so I've seen him in person. He is absolutely adorable. If I could make some space around here, I would get him in a heartbeat. :)

    --Michele Grace